Ann Ward Speaks on America's Next Top Model Victory

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Will Ann Ward truly be America's Next Top Model?

It may take a few years for the country to find out, but this tall 19-year old will always have the distinction of winning cycle 15 of this CW reality competition. As well as a cool $100,00 in her bank account and a spread in Italia Vogue.

Did Ward ever think she'd be here? The tiny-waited beauty speaks on her victory in the video here:

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Really,i like ann very much,she is the girl telling us everyting is possible!


So happy Ann won. She has everything for high fashion! Love her unique look, she has this ethereal and sophisticated look, and her shyness adds to the whole thing, very much down to earth girl. Camera loves her.
All the other girls were your typical next door pretty girl, boring and annoying. Chelsey is definately not for high fashion industry, i can only see her in catalogues or maybe make up commercials. As soon as i saw Ann i knew she would win and i am so glad she did!


I still think i really should've been Chelsey. I'm not denying Ann's skills because it's evident she has them. But as a top model, she just doesn't fill in the shoes. Her personality to me is completely lackluster as compared to Chelsey. I was rooting for Chelsey and Kayla throughout the cycle.


I liked Ann, but I wasn't rooting for her. Especially since she got the first five top pictures. It just seemed too obvious that she would win, even though Chelsey was so fashion-obsessed.


I'm sorry but I can't stand her mouth when she speaks! Just the way she moves is odd.