Bones Return Promo: Something Big, Something Old ...

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Some bones should stay buried.

When Bones returns to Fox on Thursday, January 20, something big is in the air. Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something ... so very wrong.

We'll let you see the specific teases for yourself, but this Australian promo for the second half of season six hints at some potentially huge developments:

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when hannah asks booth if he is going to propose was already aired this season, but the something old, new, borrowed and blue gives a meaning of marriage, and they ve been saying all season that someone is getting married :O


O.M.G. I am going to go insane if booth proposes to Hannah... He's already spiritually married to bones and they need to be actually married


@allie. ohhhhhh. ohmigosh, i can actually totally picture that happening!!! SERIOUSLY!!! you ahve just planted that picture in my mind and i totally think that that is going to happen now :O


It would make my day if Hannah finds a ring, asks Booth if he was going to propose and the ring is actually one he bought for Brennan. I know it's out there but it would be funny. To me that is.


I bet this is the Australian promo for the begining of the sixth season, and they jest have a delay in getting new episodes because the trailer said ne season comming in 2011, making these clips mostly new for Australian viewers.


Most of those scenes are from previous seasons. Why couldn't they come up with some new footage?


Old, old news...


Coming from an Australian, i wouldnt trust an Australian advertisement on anything. i dunno how it is in america, but if an australian promo promises what it delivers, then its a miracle.

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