Bones Review: "The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck"

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Enjoyable as Bones is, this week's episode felt like an interlude with little at stake.

Largely responsible for these apathetic feelings is the fact that we know some major stuff is coming up soon (see Bones spoilers) and none of them happened last night.

As Bones episodes go, "The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck" was forgettable, though it did provide a great make-you-sound-smart-at-a-party factoid: while bones don't melt, heat of 500 degrees centigrade can alter the chemical composition, giving them that appearance.

Twisted Bones

FRIED: Bones don't melt, but Booth has cooked with a lot of cheese.

The point of this episode, it would appear, was to make us like Hannah more, and it may have even succeeded a little. The way she tried to reach out to Parker was quite endearing.

Booth was nervous about his live-in girlfriend and Parker meeting for the first time, what with Parker already declaring that he hates her and all (up top, P!) and her not liking kids.

Come on, tell us you didn't crack a smile (a slight one? maybe?) when she decided to just be honest with him and eventually won him over a little? Gotta give Hannah her due.

At the same time, you can sense Seeley is forcing all this a little. Just the way he got defensive about the relationship's seriousness with Sweets indicates he's not too sure of it.

While it's far from clear what the producers' endgame for Hannah might be, and we've yet to see a true "a-ha" moment that leads Booth and Brennan together, it may not be far off.

The writers get credit for introducing a realistic character, one that can be likable at times, that Booth does care about, and who hasn't simply vanished into the wind after a month.

Seriously, though ... how long is she sticking around?

Sweets Pic

SWEETS' SPOTS: Is it just us or is he funnier than ever lately?

Elsewhere, Daisy's quest for a permanent spot at the FBI, requiring her to pass a psychiatric evaluation, resulted in some enjoyable scenes. Namely involving Ms. Wick cheating.

Is she really coming on board? Will she be the ill-fated recurring character felled by the sniper later this season? Just one theory, but we know someone's going to pay the price.

On a side note, the "real" patients Sweets meets with - and whose sessions are often delayed by his office dalliances - are hilarious. Last night's? Multiple personality disorder.

The case wasn't among the season's best, but did lead to the King of the Lab taking one for the team via an experiment, and involve Brennan's brilliant deductions, as always.

Her interrogation skills could use some work, though. Temperance isn't as bad with youth as she thinks, but the menstruation line gets an 8.5 on the Bones Awkwardness Scale.

As Parker put it, Bones says weird stuff all the time and she is cool. Hopefully, she has an epiphany soon about what she let go and they spend a lot more time with each other.

What did you think of last night's Bones? Comment below!


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I love Bones's new hairstyle. And I also find Ms. Wick to be one of the most annoying people on TV! I do like Sweets, and I don't get why he would be interested in someone as obnoxious as Daisy. Bring back Wendell! He's smart like Brennan, and normal like Booth. Hannah needs to go far away, and soon.

Sue ann

I agree with goofball8. Right now, Bones is not working as a series. Frankly, they have gone in the wrong direction. I don't think it is at all cute that Daisy is cheating and that Sweets lets her inveigle him into helping her. Cheating is cheating. Of course, I dislike both characters intensely, but I also loathe cheats. Not cute, not funny, not excuseable. This episode gave me the feeling that the actors were still doing their first read-through, not the final episode for keeps. It just doesn't feel the same any more, and I am not talking about the story line. They all feel like they are phoning it in, and already have their eyes on their next series jobs. I also think that while Bones's character certainly has the money for that haircut, Bones herself is not sophisticated enough to have her hair cut like that. It sets my teeth on edge. She isn't the ordinary, geeky Bones with that haircut. She strikes me as a little girl playing dressup, and that haircut is not right.


I was hoping for Ms Wick to get busted cheating and get herself permanently fired.


If Booth is going to have Hannah, I demand that Temperance get a boyfriend. The part that makes this most PAINFUL to watch is that Temperance is still moony after Booth. I want Special Agent Tim Sullivan to come back somehow and they make up... or something. Its really, really annoying to know that she still loves Booth and Booth's relationship with Hannah hurts her. Bring Sully back!


I am really not sure how I feel, even the morning after, about this episode. I knew that this one was going to be a further Hannah love fest and a "see how perfect she is, she can do anything - so now you better back off our 'it' girl and love her" so I was prepared. I guess what makes it hard to embrace her is that she is just soooo perfect. She can do it all, can't she. While that is their point it makes it harder to understand where it goes for B&B and why would anyone believe that she isn't the one for Booth or that he would honestly want anyone else? I think this storyline is hard to follow and grasp, becaus ethe reality of what they written and what they want us to buy are two different things. I think the promo for the next show made this show seem irrelavant and forgettable. That tells you just how much Bones is not working right now as a series. I also worry about what is going to happen next week. I don't feel at all comforted by any of it. If everyone remembers this episode was going to air AFTER next weeks until very recently. If you watch this episode with that in mind then what break throughs or revelations are made cannot be so momenteous that they are game changers. What I saw in this episode was a stronger, closer bond building between Booth and Hannah and an awkward vibe (kinda like you like me, but look at my girl - no way I am going back). So when the amazing, selfless Hannah tells Booth he loves Brennan (because we all know how much HH and SN love her and need her to be the hero there is no way she isn't the one who magically unites B&B) and he goes ok we are all supposed to believe that he would willingly go? Leave this beautiful, smart, strong, independent woman, who can do it all for someone he feels awkward around and clearly (as obvious from the snarkiness and eye rolling) does not respect. Unfortunately because of the character of Hannah and how they have written her I begin to wonder when did Bones become second best? I don't know, maybe next week will be huge and things will start moving in the other direction but with Hannah being around long after this episode I am guessing while ED will give an amazing performance it will be much of the same and all this talk of break throughs will not be what any of the fans had anticipated.


im kinda disappointed in this REVIEW. No mention of the look on Temperance's face throughout the whole episode? She looked DISAPPOINTED that Parker and Hannah hit it off. She was secretly hoping he wouldn't like her! It was written all over her face. And the end scene in the diner... when Parker was raving about how much he liked her can we say awkward? He may LIKE Hannah but its obvious he LOVES Bones. Great acting on Emily's part last night. You could really see her struggling with herself, watching Hannah going down the road that she, herself is too afraid to. And OMG at the scenes for next week! Bones finally realizes what she's losing. How will that go? Last time one of them took the leap they went splat (Booth)! Here's hoping things go better this time around *crosses fingers*


I really hate Hannah!!! I can´t stand her any more!! Please kill her!!!

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Bones Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Hannah: I don't want to mess anything up between you and your son.
Booth: Look, I love you, all right? He's gonna love you, too. And don't think of him as a kid. Just think of him as a short guy who … who's not allowed to drink.

Booth: The point is, like, they have to meet sometime, right?
Sweets: Well, yeah, if your relationship with Hannah is serious, then …
Booth: It is serious.
Sweets: I wasn't questioning that …
Booth: It sounded like you were.
Sweets: No, I wasn't.
Booth: Well, it's serious.
Sweets: Then they have to meet.