Catastrophe to Strike a School on Grey's Anatomy

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The Grey's Anatomy 2011 promo that aired at the end of last week's episode left little doubt that when the show returns next month, a major disaster awaits the surgeons.

Just what type of situation are we talking about, though?

"There's a massive situation at a school, so all the training that Owen put into place suddenly makes people much more ready to handle this sort of thing," Kevin McKidd says.

Guess that mock tragedy he simulated may really pay off.

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hey...more "FORCED" drama coming our way...atleast thats what i think....crisis in school???really????...shooting in hospital and school incident in matter of one year???pls stop shoving this trauma down our throat...SHOANDA!!!let GA go...end it and concentrate on ur other shows....its not like you are doing much good for it...GA has become old news....accept it and move on....


@ Jude according to the sides....Cristina is looking for the space needle, and other Seattle attracations and apparently someone tells her of the "fire" shooting....maybe she is just wondering around sight seeing, and then she hears of the shooting, and the fact that the doctors are being sent there and feels compelled to go....CMON I want ONE sneak peek~


It has to be a shooting, why would the Chief say, they are going through what we went through 6 months ago. This could open up old wounds for some doctors, who think that they are fine, but seeing the people shot could stir up all there suppressed feelings. Like Meredith seeing a someone shot in the chest could stir and reaction, that sends looking for Derek. Cristina will be her old calm self in a crisis, that's what she needs. Jan 2011 is slowly approaching. Maybe when we are in the new year, Shonda, may give us fans another sneak peek, just to tease us more, Shonda is good at that, maybe a Christmas gift to her many fans?


remember the season fianle and they used the fire as a cover up for the shooting. I have a feeling that they are doing that again to cover it up. So I'm for it being a college shooting.


I'm wondering why Cris happenes to be wandering around the colleg campus when the shooting (not convinced there will be an explosion) happens. Is Cris looking to fill her days by studying for another PHD? I think it will be a difficult day for Der and Alex who were shot pretty much shot at point blank range. I don't put Hunt's being shot in the same trauma class. Lex will be upset, Mer will be business like avoiding her own trauma. Stark I think will be a pain in the a**. I'm not convinced that Arizona will be back working at the hospital yet. It'll give JC time with her new born baby, like they did for Ellen when she returned from maternity leave


I just can't wait to see it..I think Mer, Lexie, and possibly Derek, are going to have a breakdown. No way Lexie was completely fine immediately after getting released from Psych...I thinks she's fronting...Mer hasn't dealt yet, and Derek, Idk I think something will hit him....Possibly with Avery and April too. Should be an amazing episode. Definitely don't know how I feel about the whole Teddy story line right now...too reminiscent of Izzie Denny and the LVAD...that was an amazing story and brought some awesome episodes in season 2, some of the best in the history of grey's! Idk if I wanna watch something like that with Teddy!! But I have faith in shonda


My guess is a shooting....


I think based on all the information we've been given, it's most likely a shooting. This is going to be a great episode. I can feel it!


But the training only certified April & Alex. Such a great training. The promo looks good. Everyone reliving the shooting. Will be interesting to see.


I agree I think it's a shooting. They used the word fire before when it was the shooting at the hospital. In the promo we see Lexie's face (really shocked like she's having a flashback) and Stark yelling "I've never seen anything like this in my life. As an old doctor he would have seen a fire before. Def shooting

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