CSI: NY Review: "Shop Till You Drop"

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It was less "Shop Till You Drop," and more shop till you get a little tired and need a nap this week on CSI: New York.

The episode wasn't bad, but it wasn't nearly as engaging as previous episodes this season. It was a middle ground, fair and easy holiday story with added moments that were meant to, perhaps, inspire, but merely fizzled until the ending credits rolled.

Window Gazing

The story and mystery were light and a bit easier than normal to unravel. The dead body of a department store manager found in a fancy window display was an intriguing start, but lacked any real weight once the team got into the meat of the mystery.

It was touching that a dying woman should want to help those employees she felt were in need, and it was easy to rally around the character once it was revealed that the murdered manager was a bad guy. But there wasn't enough suspense in the overall plot to have made me really care how the episode would turn out.

Would the woman be charged with murder? Would the money she had stolen to give to her employees that were going to lose their jobs be returned to the store?

The answers were far too easy to come by, because of course the character set up as the victim with a Robin Hood mentality would get away with the crime. I'm not sure the story would have been more engaging had that not been the case.

The interactions between Jo and the murder suspect, Alena, were touching and well played, but I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Sela Ward's portrayal of Jo Danville.  In fact, Jo and Alena had some of the best lines in the show, but it wasn't quite enough to lose the feeling that the outcome of the episode was at all important.

I believe that this was probably meant to be a softer episode since it's the beginning of the holiday season, but it's possible for there to have been a soft and inspiring tale without taking away the suspense that helps to make CSI: New York such an excellent show.

The acting was fair. The writing was fair. The episode was fair. Unfortunately, after some really strong episodes fair becomes down right disappointing. Hopefully, the suspense and superb story telling will return with the next new episode.


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Please bring Melina Kanakaredes back! I can't stand to watch CSI New York anymore with Sela Ward on it. It is not only BORING, but she is a terrible fit for this series. When William Peterson (Gil Grissom) left CSI Las Vegas, the show went down hill and I believe the same is going to happen to New York. This show isn't going anywhere and the cohesiveness is now gone from all the characters. I am extremely disappointed with what has happened to one of my favorite shows that I can no longer watch due to the poor scripts and new character. For the writers - you have lost many fans and will continue to lose many more until you right what you have wronged!


I was tired of the jo Danville by her second scene. She talked and butted her way through the conversation. I have loved every single episode of this show until last night. I just don't think Mac Taylor is the kind of man to go for a jabber mouth. I don't even think they would be friends. And I hate what they've done with the cast. We were told we were going to be reintroduced to the cast, not that the cast was going through an overhall.

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