Desperate Housewives Trailer: Paul Young Assassin, Revealed!

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Who shot Paul Young?

It's the question Desperate Housewives fans have been asking themselves since this show's midseason finale. But it's one they won't need to wonder about for much longer.

At least not according to the following preview for "Assassins," the series' first episode of 2011. It airs on January 2 and it won't waste any time getting to the heart of this pressing matter. Check out the official ABC preview for the upcoming installment now and sound off with your best guesses:

Who is the killer?

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At first, I thought that it might be Lee, but after comparing the scene where Lee puts the gun in his bag in the last episode and comparing it to the trailer of the next episode, I realized that the two scenes were the same so, I can only imagine :
- Could it be Tom Scavo to prove his virility ?
- Maybe Mike cause Susan got hurt
- I think it could not be Lynette because she's got too much too lose I put my bet on the old guy who sold his house to Paul, because he doesn't have a very important role in the series.


it really depends .... you really have to think


Honestly I think it was Mike. Yes I know he's in Alaska but in the preview up there does it not show him sitting somewhere on the phone drinking coffee. And if you think about it he would have a reason. Susan is in the hospital and she was trampeled because of him. And also if Mike wasn't on the phone with Susan then why would they show him in Alaska on the phone? Unless he was telling someone about it or something. And we all know what a bad ass Mike is soo.


i'd be more likely to send the flowers if they acually killed him :'( If paul is alive then i think Lynett or any of the others should kill him,


I think it was his wife. I don`t think it was Lynette


it could be anyone who was near Lee's car: we saw the gun in his luggage and then the crowd broke the car, but I will go with Mitzi


I hope it's lynette..
it would give her an interesting storyline
plus show us what a badass she really is..
because so far we haven't really seen the hard side of lynette at it's fullest potential..


These show need to go

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