Glee Review: You're a Sweet One, Sue the Grinch

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You'd pretty much have to be a Grinch to dislike this week's episode of Glee.

And not any kind of camouflaged, Sue-like Grinch, either. But the true kind, the kind that detests anything remotely hopeful and happy related to this holiday.

Indeed, I was afraid the show would pour on the sap to an unbearable level on "A Very Glee Christmas." But it kept things both light and sweet throughout the hour, using the belief of Brittany to represent the child-like innocence we all strive for around this time of year.

Presenting a Present

It also used a handful of hilarious references and moments, my favorite being the requests each New Directions member made of Santa Claus. Among the best:

Lauren requesting the foxy Puckerman, and sweet potato fries; Tina inquiring about the whereabouts of Asian Santa; Mike asking for Channing Tatum to "stop being in stuff."

On the heels of a game-changing episode that shook up all relationships on the show, we didn't get a lot of follow-up, which is likely disappointing to many because this is the final new installment until
Super Bowl Sunday.

But the Rachel/Finn scenes did ring true, at least, as it's easy to see why the latter is so hurt by Rachel's actions. Does he not have anything negative to say to Puck, however, who was also involved in the cheating with both Quinn and Rachel?

I also must comment again on the issue of bullying. Glee dedicated multiple episodes, and sent Kurt to a different group, all because he was threatened and insulted at school.

But the football players openly throw slushees at the singers, and a teacher threw a frickin shoe in their direction... and there are no repercussions? Feels like a double standard and a lack of consistent storytelling to me.

Still, it's almost Christmas. If Sue can get into the spirit, I can save my criticisms for another time. Overall, this was a fun, sentimental episode. Beiste gave a great speech as Santa, Becky was prominently involved in mischief and Will considered getting Sue a robot dog or a soul as a present. What else can one ask for?

One final question, though, before I turn this over to readers and ask for their take on "A Very Glee Christmas." Does the device Artie used at the end truly exist?


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On "Finchel" I'm glad they broke up honestly. It's not that I don't like them as a couple, they're not a bad match, but their whole relationship this season has been incredibly BORING until sectionals when they broke up. I'm all for them getting back together...but only if the writers can come up with something interesting for them because I've literally hated both of them all season until sectionals. On this episode: I loved it. Everything about it (except Becky wearing the reindog suit. Seemed kinda mean.)


People need to stop comparing Kurt being bullied with Rachel being bullied. It's not the same thing at all, and anyone who says otherwise is delusional. Kurt is bullied because of something he cannot change about himself. Rachel is made fun of because she is incredibly annoying and self-centered, something she COULD change but doesn't. Kurt was sexually assaulted (the kiss), as well as physically assaulted (pushed into the locker several times, thrown into a dumpster, etc). Rachel was never assaulted in any way except verbally (which Kurt also gets) and the slushie facials, which Kurt also gets. Yes, it's true that everyone and Mr. Schue also yell at Rachel and everything, but with the exception of Santana (who is a bitch to everyone) and Quinn (who just plain doesn't like Rachel), everyone does it when Rachel is being out of line. Like last week when Schue called Rachel out for being ridiculous because she didn't get any solos. For some reason people complained that Schue was bullying Rachel when he yelled at her. They must have forgotten that she pretty much openly bashed everyone else in the club by implying they couldn't win unless she was singing, and then idiotically put tape over her mouth in protest that she didn't get a solo that was never promised to her to begin with. That isn't bullying, that's being honest and telling someone when they're being infantile.


more sam and quinn!




This show is really bad this season, and I didn't feel anything towards this Christmas episode. Brittany's "sweet innocence" was really stupid. Is she that stupid? She faced THREE different santas, and one was GREEN. Like I'm not suspending disbelief that much, guys. And Finn's reasons for "breaking up" with Rachel are really stupid and merely contrived for some prolonged storyline. I really don't see that couple together anyway. And Finn is really dumb to not have said anything to Puck. Also, what's with Sue's random outbursts of happiness? At first, with her handicapped sister, it seemed like a really great character development. Now, Sue's soul only comes out when the writers have run out of ideas. And this episode nearly got to the point of a one hour sing a long. Can some writer in this develop a plot please? It's not that hard... You start somewhere, keep it going for several episodes, and end it nicely.


I totally agree with u people, since the first season one of the biggest reasons that I watch Glee is for Rachel. She's annoying , funny and very talented, but as someone said everybody seems to hate her , even Finn never takes her side! Rachel rocks!


Yes the rewalks are in fact real. ReWalk is slated for commercial sale in 2010 for about twenty thousand dollars. Which makes me wonder how beiste could afford it.


P.s I agree with this @splinta...rachel has gotten bullied waaaay more then kurt ever was. Even mr. Schue yells at her and calls her names. Kurts all against bullying yet he's said some of the meanest stuff to rachel....minus quinn and santana who by the way can be downright unneccesarily evil to rachel. Finn never defends her. Puck is the only person who ever defended the sectionals eppisode when everyoone was talking about how no one likes rachel(which was horrrrrrible) puck was like. "That's not true I kinda like her..." finn didn't even say a word. Pshh I would made out with puck too... I think rachel needs to get a best friend. One that doesn't treat her like crap. Everyone else has a best friend. Mercedes and kurt. Mercedes and quinn. Brittany and santana. Puck and finn... even though I kinda hate tina...her and rachel could be best friends? Or maybe her and quinn...they would have an awesome odd couple relationship.


@bre omgggg! Thank you! I've been saying that forever! Finn and rachel kissed twice when he was dating quinn!! He's all like..."im so depressed.both my girlfriends cheated on me." What the hell do you call making out with rachel when you have a girlfriend. Him and rachel also had this emotional affair and he like admitted he had feelings for her but it was rly complicated after they went bowling and kissed once. Finns a cheater too and the worst part iis he NEVER told quinn!


I just wish that Finn would realise all of the shit he put Rachel through while he was dating Quinn and leading Rachel on at the same time. I think that's something important that the writers failed to include. In "Special Education" I was really annoyed with Santana and Finn, Santana is just a bitch and there's no reason for her to be so mean and Finn pretty much said all the wrong things. Rachel loves and wants everything too much as she says in season one, I think she realises that she's part of a team but forgets it sometimes which is why she does stupid, conceeded shit like duct-taping her mouth! I had high hopes for 'Finchel' in this episode and was very let down and dissapointed. I love 'Finchel' but if they're not together after Superbowl, then I think Glee will pretty much suck in my opinion.

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Brittany: Remember: even the smallest envelope is heavy for an elf.

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