Glee Round Table: "Special Education"

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Drama abounded on "Special Education," this week's shocking episode of Glee.

From an unexpected break-up to a startling marriage and a few great performances, this installment gave our staff plenty to discuss in our TV Fanatic Round Table. We encourage fans do to the same in our Glee forum and/or the Comments section below...

What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Matt R.: I think I'm still laughing from Brittany thinking adultery had to do with acting like "a dolt."

Steve M.: Call me cheesy or call me sentimental, but also call me a major Finchel supporter. That's why I teared up when Finn said to Rachel: "I never thought you'd make me feel like this."

Eric H.: "I know the cricket that reads to me at night is totally stealing my jewelry." - Brittany

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What was your favorite song from the episode?
Matt R.: From this episode and from this season, the answer is "Valerie." The vocals may not have been top-notch, but the energy was amazing. Go back an re-watch some of the moves between Mike and Brittany. Simply incredible.

Steve M.: I second that, Matt. I wasn't familiar with this song, but I've since downloaded it and will dedicate my life to trying to be 1/100th of the dancer that Mike is.

Eric H.: You guys can have your Asian Mike. I'll take my Caucasian Blaine and his version of "Hey, Soul Sister."

Bigger surprise: Emma's marriage or Finchel's split?
Matt R.: It's a cop-out (like tying at Sectionals!), but I have to say both. There was nothing in the past few episodes leading up to either of these developments, as both felt contrived and far too sudden to have actual, emotional impact.

Steve M.: Emma's wedding to Carl. When was the last time he was even on the show?!? The Rocky Horror tribute? It would have been nice to get some sense of this relationship before the two took such a step.

Eric H.: Option C, the utter lack of Sue Sylvester. The show does want us to laugh, doesn't it?!?

Will Kurt return to New Directions?
Matt R.: Ever? I'm sure he will. But I hope they drag this storyline out, as it's actually been built up well and gives us a countless number of (pun intended!) new directions to go in with Kurt a part of the Warblers. 

Steve M.: Of course. I actually think Blaine may turn out to be not such a great guy after all. He arranged a solo try-out for Kurt, only to then tell him that one must subjugate oneself to the group. Huh? Perhaps Blaine just wants the spotlight on himself at all times.

Eric H.: No. I say he and Rachel break off and form a splinter group. Its name? Hum 'n Berry!

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Ok,here are my thoughts & JMO: 1. The Will/Emma storyline is really annoying. Even seeing them together in a scene makes me want to change the channel especially since she's got to be the worst counselor & is irritating as heck. Will needs to seriously man up & get over it. Sick or not, you don't sleep with your ex if you're supposedly feeling so strongly over Ms. Neurotic. 2. The Sectionals performance sucked as usual. Why do they do such powerful performances in practicing for Sectionals & Regionals then do such sucky numbers when they're supposed to be out to "win"??? 3. No Sue Sylvester?? OH HELL NO!! 4. The Britney/Artie couple is just too cute! She's an idiot but endearing! 5. The break up of Finn & Rachel was all wrong! The posters on the thread talk about Blaine being a douche, but Finn is a bigger one! How do you let your gf go around thinking she'll be your first, allow her to be humiliated when she finds out the ENTIRE Glee Club knew that he went all the way with Santana & not even try to make up for it? He thinks saying "I love you & no more lies" is enough? Then to turn around & get mad at Rachel for having the guts to do what HE should have done, which was tell the truth no matter how hard it must have been? Kurt may be gay, but he's more of a man than Finn is. Finn needs to man up and not try to be the man only when it's convenient for HIM! Wake up writers...seriously! 6. The best scenes were the Rachel/Kurt scene before his performance with the Warblers & her encouragement during it, along with her standing O of course. And the Rachel/Puck scene. Puck was there for her more than Finn ever seemed to have really been...especially when things are tough! Puck stood up for her when someone said no one liked her by saying he did...where was Finn? I'm beginning to see why people are saying Puckleberry! It would be cute to see a nice persona in him when he's with Rachel (like he did in this epi) while trying to maintain his tough bad boy image to everyone else! LOL 7. Vocal Andrenaline needs to make a bid for Rachel. ND already lost Kurt so they need to realize how screwed they'll be if they lose Rachel too! C'mon writers...give the Rachel character a break because all this hammering of her by the Gleeks is starting to piss people off! She's made sacrifices (like giving a bad performance so the 2 that really didn't deserve it could win the Duets contest & being there for Kurt when his supposed best friend in Mercedes wasn't when Kurt was lonely). Tired of seeing her get put down then kicked when she's down! How about having Santana really fall for a guy then have that guy have eyes for no one but Rachel? *snicker*


I was devastated when Finchel broke up! When Rachel said "You said you'd never break up with me" then Finn replied "I never thought you would make me feel like that." I cried.


All in favor of some hum n' berry say aye! ;)


1. i knew rachel and finn were going to break up, it was inevitabe. they were starting to become a boring couple.....i love Puckleberry, they are perfect for each other in my opinion. 2. Kurt wont last long with the Warblers, he doesnt have the freedom he had with New Directions though it was slim. Plus the only one who seems to be actualy singing in the Warblers is Blaine with some backround singers. Blain is turing out to be jackass anyway. 3. I beleive Britanny and Artie are the cutest couple now on the show, especially when he helped her through the the stage fright thing.


I personally love the duet with quinn and sam also loved the song santana did. New Directions in my opinion should have took 1st place instead of a tie with the warblers who were ok. Mike and Brittany were the best. Finn and Rachel kinda got on my nerves. Yes, Rachel was mad that Finn slept with Santanna and didn't tell her. I understand that but why would she attempt to go sleep with Puck when she saw what happen last year between Finn and Quinn. That's why Finn was so mad at Rachel because she knew it was a touchy subject yet she chose to go an do it anyway.


My favourite part wasn't a quote, it was the kitten calender of finn and rachel in rachel's locker. I died when i saw that. Fav son was I've Had the Time of My Life, although i think i'm bias because i'm a huge Dirty Dancing fan. :) Emma's wedding was definitely the bigger surprise. I figured rachel and finn would break up after santana brought up her and finn having sex. it was only a matter of time. it can't be all rainbows and butterflies all the time on tv. and yes kurt will obviously return to new directions, hey maybe blaine will come with him is anyone else sensing puckleberry reuniting???

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I'm agreeing with Steve all the way here, I am devastated about Finchel and I also got the feeling there was a hidden douche in Blaine!!


Sue was on her honeymoon with herself, DUH!


I'm so happy we got to see Puckelberry


Kurt needs to stay off the show for a few weeks, if nothing else then to actually come across as him NOT part of the New Directions. If he comes back next week, then there was simply no reason for any of this storyline. I don't think Rachel & Puck will get together, I imagine she'll just whine for Finn. I'm not going to complain about the storyline, then want Sue Sylvester. She hasn't had much of a proper plot since last season, so I don't mind not having her in 1 episode. I don't think she'd have contributed to these anyway, so leave her out of it. Emma/Carl is still meh, all right I understand you don't like Will but you continue to help him, spend time with him, and then confess to your boyfriend and marry him? If she was in love with Carl so much, either explain it to us viewers one way or another or don't take such a drastic step. Marriage isn't a silly plot device, and I don't think it should be used like one. Neither should sex, glad it didn't get that far for Puck & Rachel, but that was weird on it's own. Especially since Puck is the one that stopped it, in the flashback, she seemed ready for it. Hopefully she'll realize that she isn't a nice person and decides to do something about it that we see.

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