Glee to Graduate, Replace Cast Members?

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Be extra sure to get your fill of Finn, Rachel and company every week, Glee fans. Because these characters won't be around forever.

In an interview with Australia's Herald Sun, creator Ryan Murphy said the show might look different in a couple years. That's because students will graduate, and actors/actresses will age.

"There's nothing more depressing than a high schooler with a bald spot," Murphy joked.

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Saying he cast Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans to kick start this process, Murphy said that "every year we’re going to populate a new group" in anticipation of characters moving on.

"I think you have to be true to the fact that here is a group of people who come and go in these teachers' lives - they graduate and they're gone," Murphy said." When some of them finish their run at high school it will be very teary episodes. For me it will be particularly tough but a new crop [of actors] will come in."

That's already been the case with Overstreet, Darren Criss and Charice (who will return for the show's Super Bowl episode), most of whom fans seem to have welcomed with open arms.

But this is clearly significant news for the show. Will you keep watching once all the original cast members are gone? Discuss that issue now in our Glee forum.

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I don't see why they have to graduate the characters after season 3, nobody ever said that one season had to be one year. They could pull a One Tree Hill, their senior year was season 3 and 4. And then they made a jump in time. Which worked out pretty well. Glee has a lot more viewers so i don't see why that wouldn't work! Glee is nothing withouth the original cast. Just like any other tv-show. Lea, Corey, Mark and Dianna is the reason I watch this show, if they kill of the original cast, i don't see how the show will live on. The show IS the cast, not the story, or the fact that they're in High School..


I'll totally still watch the show when there are new Glee members.
Just as long as the original cast makes sure to come visit :)


I have a feeling that they will continue with Glee after season 3. I also have a feeling that they might have some spin off shows. Ryan Murphy wouldn't just throw out the characters everyone learned to love? Honestly, watching the season 2 finale in New York there was a scene with Rachel and Kurt which sounds like a spin off to me: Rachel: Kurt, I have a secret. Whenever we graduate I am coming back here, to New York. Kurt: Me to, and I talked to Blaine and he's along for it too (Not EXACT words but, you get it..) I think there might be a spin off with Kurt and Rachel, maybe Blaine and Finn, because, to be honest, they have a very high fanbase. (I don't know if they have the HIGHEST fanbase...) I think the spin off show might show Rachel and Kurt struggling to begin their Broadway careers. I have a feeling that if they do this Kurt and Rachel show, then Artie, Tina, Mercedes, etc..they could show up now and then, saying hello as guest stars.. I don't know, it's a theory.


Alright this breaks my heart, i dont think i can still watch glee when new kids come on and i cnt be without my finchel so if they do tht and just kick the rest to the curb they will loose veiwers and really what else can the do with the show UNLESS THE NORMAL CAST MEMBERS ARE ON! then they have to set a new tone for it and it will suck sooo i think they should do like my other favorite show did one tree hill, they were in high school for 4 sesons and now theyre adults soo thats what they shouyld do...glee in collage like saved by the bell but not like a sitcom an hour long glee in collage show annd rachel and finn and quinn ann mercades sam,brittney,puck,santana,lauren,artie,tina,annd the other asian as they call him! haha but please dont end the show or bring new charechters, FOLLOW MY ORIGINAL GLEE KIDS!!!


I think I would still watch it if they included the old characters as guests now and then.


please do a spin-off series for the original cast!


As much as I love Glee no other characters can ever replace the original . It just won't be the same . :(

Jed swift

Glee is too good to finish after 3 seasons. I think the show should follow the Glee kids onto college and other achievements after high school. That way the bulk of the original cast stays and the show has a fresher storyline.


well lea michelle said that in season 3 she will become the next glee teacher taking Mr.shue's postion so Glee will never be without rachel berry and im not sure if finn and them will appear in seasons to come but i couldnt see a "Glee movie" happening because it would most likley turn out to be a highschool musical situtation but only time will tell i will watch glee when the orginalcast is gone just to see what happens to the show


As a true Gleek, I really was thinking how they were going to do pull this off after the 3rd season... To be honest in my opinion, the loss of audience will GREATLY outweigh those that will begin watching it after the cast is pretty much gone... Also too, the plots are wearing thin and in this season it's just not bringing it! Every episode from the first half of the first season was spectacular and when the idea of themes were incorporated into the second half as well as the second season, it just became tiresome... Although I still have HIGH hopes for the series, it looks to me that it might not last past half of season 4... :\

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