Gossip Boy? Leighton Meester Suits Up!

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As Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester is the epitome of the stylish, feminine New York City girl. The look she sported last night, however? A little different!

The 24-year-old Country Strong actress made quite an impression on the red carpet for the IFP's 20th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in the Big Apple.

Pretty daring to go for the suit and tie. What do you think? Hit? Miss?

Leighton Suiting Up!
Leighton Suits Up!

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I like that she's taking some risks, but this just doesn't suit her. (no pun intended)


Wow. Leighton can't dress to save her life. I only like 10% of the things she wears, everything else is AWFUL. This outfit is horrible. If you're bowlegged, there is really no need to highlight them.


She's gorgeous in anything she wears. I love Leighton!


She looks incredibly HOT! Love it.


miss...come on L you can do better


Way better than the recent Marchesa lace travesty. C'mon, sheer lace harem pants?


If only the suit was better fitted...it's nice to see her in something different though! Sometimes it seems like she and Blake Lively are competing when it comes to fashion, especially after that Marchesa jumpsuit she wore a few weeks ago with her butt exposed. The suit may be ill-fitting, but at least her butt is covered!


miss obvi but i still love leighton


she still looks beautiful but the suit doesn't flatter her body

Jade loves dair

Who the fuck is her stylist? I'd like to hit them with a school bus.

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