Gossip Girl Caption Contest 135

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Welcome to the 135th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Brazilian Girl. Nice work!

Honorable mentions go out to Meeny, Scarlett 79, TheYalier and The Bitch is back. Thanks to everyone for playing each week and best of luck again next week!

Nate to the Party

Serena: That Vanessa bitch! She will pay for it!
Nate: C'mon Serena, you can't be mad at Vanessa for ever just because she spread a rumor about you having an STD... and seriously, it's not like it never crossed our minds!
Serena: Rumor? STD? Who cares?! The bitch beat me at Guitar Hero!!

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'Gossip Girl here, your one and only source for revealing dresses and awful hair.'


Serena: Should we try hatesex too? It looks fun!
Nate: I could never hate you, when your wearing that dress. Let's just start with the piano.


Blake: just look at him!! fucking Josh Schwartz he gives a damn he´s ruining Serenate this season...
Chace: yes I know all smily and carefree, we have to do something about it....
Blake: yes it´s so awkward to kiss Penn when he alredy knows that I´ve been screwing Ryan Goslyn
Chace: Wait.... that guy from the notebook?? but I thought you were dating Leo!
Blake: Naah that was just me trying to seduce him to get a roll in a film.... anyway that didn´t work out so well but can we focus here! I´m trying to stop the show´s suicide via Derena rerereunion!!!!
Chace: Oh right! right! mmmmm hey wait! I heard his new obsesion is Dair, I think he wil never get over his OC complex.... but maybe with that your making out with Penn nightmare won´t last much...
Blake: I hope so but Dair?? really?.......... OMG!!!
Chace: What´s wrong?
Blake: I think I just realized that I´m a Chair fan!!
Chace: Well in that case... welcome to the club!!


Serena: Ohh god I can't hold it any longer!
Nate: Now What?
Serena: I have to take a poopie..!!! Nate: Seriously..?????


Serena: Did you ever think Chair-sex looks like this?
Nate: I knew Chuck got his moves from the discovery channel....


Nate: Maybe if we´re just standing there, pretending we don´t care nobody even notices we´re here.
Serena: And if somebody notices?
Nate: Waving and smiling, Serena, waving and smiling.


My favorite so far: TheYalier & beanxo3


-Serena and Nate see Chuck and Blair having sex on the piano- Serena: Damn. Why didn't I think of having sex on the piano?!
Nate: Maybe next season.


S: ..Fat?!..
Nate: ..hmm.. Hamburgers....


My favorite: SonyEricson
December 25th, 2010 1:17 PM Serena: ...
Nate: ... I'd probably go with: Nate: Damn I wish I could look into Serenas Head to see what Nirvana looks like.
Serena: [wide space with wind blowing and occasional tumbleweeds crossing the picture]

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