Gossip Girl Caption Contest 136

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Welcome to the 136th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

Your Caption Contest winner is DamonElena♥FTW. Nice job!

We don't normally go that route, but we do love The Vampire Diaries. This week's honorable mentions go out to Kara24, Scarlett 79 and Firework.

Thanks to all for playing and best of luck again next week!

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Chuck: ... and so, like I promised you, here's your vervain necklace. I had it hand crafted by that witch... Donnie is it?
Eva: Bonnie, Chuck.. It's Bonnie.

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Chuck: This is Manhattan where everbody is elite, so I do not want people to think I am dating a girl version of Dan Humphrey so I bought you this.
Eva: Chuck, I thought we was pretend dating to make Blair jealous.
Chuck: We are and that is why you have to be elite.


Whoops, i just went onto page two and realised that my comment was really really similar to other peoples comments. Sorry, i didn't do that intentionally :L


Chuck: I think i misunderstood the concept of the song "dick in a box."


Chuck: here Eva i got you a watch to go with that plane ticket so you dont miss your flight home.

Aint born typical

Eva: Chuck, a gift for me! You shouldn't have...
Chuck: Just hold on one second, I'm trying to find the last shreds of my conscience; I seem to have forgotten where it is. .. let's see what we have here: scarf - no, bow ties - no, pink clothing accessory - maybe, but no...oh! there it is, that tricky little thing the size of a peanut...


Eva: "oh chuck u shouldnt have, you bought me enough already. in my world love is more than just buying someone a gift all the time. chuck: *chuckles "thats y we left your world and came to mine. plus im chuck bass i need to keep my rep. up"


Now I know you asked for a Goblin made tiara, but this was the best I could do.


Eva: I want FREDPERRY clothes...not Cartier
Chuck: Well, Cartier is my thing because I'm chuck bass


EVA: "Chuck you shouldn't have..."
CHUCK: "Put this on, and quick, it detects witches!"
EVA: "Whatever for?..."
CHUCK: "If the alarm goes off, run, run and hide, it's Blair & I won't let her win at this game!."
EVA: Smiles while thinking how crazy the New Yorkers are, I better sell this watch and get the hell outta here!


Chuck: I bought something for you Eva.
Eva: It's a Cartier! You are so generous. You should't have to.
Chuck: Beleive it or not but it's not just for you but for me, because a Euro-trash like you needs something like this to
compete with someone like Blair.

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