Gossip Girl Poll: Dare to Dair?

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Dan and Blair are such polar opposites, it's hard to find a recent photo with the two of them in it. Queen B would just as soon DIE than be caught in such a photo anyway.

Or would she?

Maybe they're just finally becoming friends after all this time, but it sure seemed like the Gossip Girl writers were setting up Dair as a couple by the end of "The Townie."

Fans seem to have strong opinions on this topic, so let's put it to a vote. Tell us below whether you'd like to see a romantic Blair-Dan relationship, or just a friendship:

Daniel H.
B in Crisis

Should Dan and Blair become a couple?

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to all chair fans its sad to c the great love they had to be over shadowed by Dair but if you thought about it like Blair says the love b/n them is just some thing that's bad for the both of them and with Dan she is finally happy just being some ones girl not bec she is powerful or she is marring a prince or she got a diamond she is just happy to be with Dan and i think she deserves to be that they both do so for Blair and Dan being happy


Dan and Blair are actually perfect, and they have the power to pull in lots of people who'd stopped watching this show. Also, just logically, looking at the story, the unite the most appealing, tested-and-true relationship archetypes: Hate to Love, Friends No More, Different Sides of the Tracks. And having them together and letting them stay together and being endgame would be the highest powered climax and ending for this story. IQ and EQ.


D air all day! Ive been waiting for ever!


Give us dair in season 5 please!!


PLEASE DAN & BLAIR!!!! I really want them together :) DAIR!


if blair and dan don't get together i will officially quit watching Gossip Girl i haven't watched the past GG season b/c of stupid, pointless Chuck and Blair drama & the only reason i've been watching GG is b/c of the DAIR scenes if there's no Dair at the end i will scream & never watch GG & tell all my friends not too watch...
Dair= amazing:)
Chair= kill me no
too much pointless stupid drama UGH


I think blair and Dan should be together. I like.


I like Blair and Dan as friends! they were so funny! BUT I JUST LOVE CHUCK AND BLAIR! They are just utterly PERFECT TOGETHER probably one of the only reasons i watch Gossip Girl!
CHAIR 4 EVER!!!!!!


There is something wayy too awrkward about Dan and Blair, at first I was open to it because they seemed to have a good story going but I think the kiss scene was a bit too off. Who ever asks to try and have a kiss to see if the feelings are there? A kiss doesnt mean anything.... They should have waited a little longer for them to hook up


I love chuck and blair. but blair even said shes not herself when shes with chuck. she always become less then herself. but with dan shes always herself! they have a lot in common and clearly feel something for each other. i know they wont work out but i think that even for a little bit they would be so cute together!

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