Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Townie"

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Welcome back to the weekly TVF Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel breaks down the previous night's episode (see our review from earlier this morning).

Below, head Gossip Girl writer Mister Meester joins editor-in-chief DANdy and TV Fanatic president Gossip Guy to further discuss topics from "The Townie" ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Just 'cause I feel bad for for my cheap shot at Man Bangs last week, I'll give it to him for informing his dad orange was out of style. It was cute and got a laugh out of us both.

Mister Meester: Damien, after Eric's comment about recruiting virginal drug mules, replying that he'd ask if he's available, but he's gotta run. He was great last night.

DANdy: The show saved the best, funniest and perhaps most subtle for last: I laughed out loud when Chuck bid everyone farewell with "So long, friends... Dan."

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2. Which is looser, Lily's morals or Ostroff Center security?

Gossip Guy: Hidden option three: Serena.

Mister Meester: Lily has no soul. Even if you can defend what she did and consider Ben collateral damage in her quest to help her daughter (and that's a stretch), she lied to Chuck's face. Multiple times. This is her late husband's son, a young man who loves her and looks to her as the only family he has. That's what really struck me.

DANdy: Pretty sure Serena volunteered herself as the answer here when she admitted to sleeping with multiple guys in the same night, multiple times.

3. Was Serena right to let Juliet off the hook?

Gossip Guy: Definitely. I don't see what the big deal is. All the girl ever did was drug her and leave her in an unsavory neighborhood after withdrawing her from an Ivy League college and possibly ruining all her close relationships. 

Mister Meester: I think she handled it well. Not only did Serena sympathize with Juliet and Ben, she likely realized her own role in his demise. She didn't sign an affidavit, but her behavior contributed to the gossip Lily used to ruin him.

DANdy: Yes. Two wrongs don't make a right, remember? Or, in this case, 67 wrongs, a few questionable decisions, dozens of confusing twists and a handful of flashbacks don't.

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PUBLIC ENEMY #1: Lily messed with the wrong Basstard(s).

4. Will Jack help Chuck save Bass Industries?

Gossip Guy: Without a Blair to receive in payment? I doubt it.

Mister Meester: Jack has been an awesome character from the start, with his only drawback being inherent - he's been at odds with his nephew, who everyone loves. Just imagine the evil machinations of Bart's brother and son working together. If I were Lily, I'd grab the keys to the Lincoln Hawk van and just peace out of New York now.

DANdy: Absolutely. These two might not get along, but they have one thing in common: unabashed greed. When it comes to revenge, these two won't be Bassful about how they go about reclaiming what is rightfully their family's.

5. Blair and Dan: Should they get it on?!?!

Gossip Guy: Could you find a bigger Dair fan than me? I'm sure some of you joined the dark side with me when you saw how cute they were on their road trip. Plus, there's no aphrodisiac like French documentaries about orangutans.

Mister Meester: Do I want to see more Dan and Blair adventures? Absolutely. That was some of the funniest banter of the season so far, and even grew sweet by the end as they reluctantly agreed to hang out by choice. Sexually, though? I don't see it ... yet.

DANdy: No way. I'm putting a ban on any Ban talk right here and now. Even the thought of these two in the same movie theater grosses me out.

BONUS: What do you think Vanessa was up to this week?

Gossip Guy: Hopefully wearing raccoon makeup and starting a terrible band. I think that's what happens when your character gets banished.

Mister Meester: Sending out letters seeking grants to study climate change in the Maldives. Seems like something Vanessa would be interested in, and if she misses the last flight out before the ice caps melt and the ocean engulfs that island nation, no big deal.

DANdy: Her eyeballs in uselessness!

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That, of course, was meant to be Season three!


Was just watching end of season four and Ben was mentioned! In the It's a Dad Dad Dad World, when Serena is talking to her father and lying about how she was all about academia at boarding school, Jenny butts in and says that Damien had told her a story of how Serena was in a hotel with a teacher. So the Ben story line must have been in the writer's minds for some time...


I am a Chair shipper but Dair blew my mind in Townie.They are so hilarious- I wish Dan falls for Blair first-I would love to see her disdainful remarks when that happens.After Chair its all Dair


1 - Can't decide if it was Serena calling Lily a selfish bitch in front of everyone at Lily's party. But not quite with those words. Or if it was Juliet calling Serena a stupid bitch. 2 - Seriously. Lily is a selfish pathetic imoral crazy elite gold digging slut. She and Vanessa could just jump out of the Empire State Building together. Death doesn't get any worse than that. 3 - Well, yes. Considering that her mother filled Juliet's brother for rape, Serena tried to make ammends. 4 - Of course he will. Do you think he wants Lily to benefit from his brother and nephew's hard work? Take the blonde bitch down. 5 - NO. Let them just be friends. 6 - I dreamt about a Vanessa-free mid-season finale. maybe the writters can keep that up until the end of the show. So, my bonus question: Don't you think the episode would have been much better if Serena slapped Lily in the face?


LOVE JULIET. LOVED HER FROM THE START, LOVE HER NOW. i knew her role this season was not just to be a senseless bitch. it's good to see gossip girl finally not being confined to just their small circle of people (blair serena dan nate chuck and gang), it makes them seem self centred. the writers need to bring in big plot lines like these, make the storyline more intricate. i'm so glad that finally some of the blame falls on the gossip girl gang (serena) and they have atonements to make to others. it's impossible for people as snobbish as them not to have ruin and wrecked other's lives without being punished for it.


Juliet was one of the best guest stars brought on to the show! I hope she stays and they make her a regular. She's grown on me. I suggest Vanessa to be thrown out and give juliet her spot.


The whole thing with Lily was definitely a huge part of this episode. I get how she was protecting Serena but the way she did it was just a disgusting manner. And if that weren't bad enough, I don't know how she could do that to Chuck. When these two actually have scenes together it's always about how Lily wants Chuck to know that he's part of the family and loved. She acts like she treats Chuck as her own and then she does something like this? I don't even know what possessed her to do that. She knows the role she has in Chuck's life and to betray him that way is just despicable. And the idea of Dair just makes me despise the writers. Sorry, but I think that will be one of the worst storylines in Gossip Girl history.


Thanks for Alicegranger and G for replying. I actually fell kind of better now. And while I saw the promo- I just assumed Chuck was blackmailing Lily to give him the company back- I do so wish it's actually an explaination as to why.
The reason this REALLY bothers me is when I think back to how lily and Chuck worked together and plotted against Jack to get the company back. She promised he'd have it back at eighteeen but he let her keep it Bc he felt she was doing such a great job. Remember when he punched Hack off her? When shesaid she wanted no part of the private jet or the mney just Chuck? Remember how his dad had just died and he was pushing away BLAIR everybody but he opened his heart to Lily?
Remember when she was supposedly sick? And he wouldn't go cuz he was scared of losing her? Rembrr when Serena asked Blair what she'd done to make him show up and asked Lily to take her time catching up with him? Remember the way Lily told Chuck that he wasn't losing her?
In ep. 2*3 the person Chuck wanted Eva to meet was LILY. When Eva took off, Lily told Chuck she loved him
And oneday Eva will too.
Chuck keeps on going about how he doesnt have a family. His only family is occasionaly his friends (and dan lol) who catch up once a season practically for an annual takedown or random brunch. If Lily's really done this than Chuck was right. How can she be his family if she doesn't even think of him?
All show these writers have been building up Lily as a decent mother to Chuck if no one else. They had just better not screw that up.


1. I think Blair's "Gossip Girl isn't a Ouija Board!" was my favorite.
2. It doesn't get any looser than Serena!
3. I feel like I've been a victim of a Gossip Girl ponzi scheme. I've invested four months into Juliet's scheming to ruin Serena's life and now I've got nothing to show for it - no return on my investment! Serena is now my least favorite character.
4. Jack will help Chuck save Bass Industries because Jack has always wanted BI for himself. I'm just surprised that Chuck suddenly cares about BI!
5. I have to agree with Mister Meester - friends, yes; lovers, not seeing it yet.
BQ. Vanessa was missing this week? Didn't notice!
My Bonus Question: Why is Lily still dressing like the actress is still pregnant?


What was wierder Dan turning Serena down or Blair washing the dishes?

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