Grey's Anatomy: Boring Without MerDer Conflict?

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Has the seventh season of Grey's Anatomy disappointed you at all?

If you think so, the lack of focus on Meredith may be one of your issues. The miscarriage, the aftermath of the shooting, the house, a baby, the relationships with Lexie and Thatcher, a big decision regarding her medical specialty ... we've seen little exploration of any.

Season Seven has, in large part, centered around Cristina Yang and Calzona. Has the show's "core" couple been relegated to the back burner? Will that change?


Does a lack of MerDer conflict make for a dull Grey's Anatomy.

In his column today, TV Guide's Matt Roush says the reason MerDer hasn't been featured as prominently lately may have to do with them being a happy couple.

Meredith's reveal of her miscarriage was anti-climactic, but the greater issue here is a lack of serious conflict. Occasional flare-ups at work, yes, but rarely at home.

Without conflict on a melodrama, there's not a lot. With the bulk of the shooting recovery arc over, perhaps Cristina will be back to normal. Then there's Calzona.

That recent conflict was built in to give Jessica Capshaw maternity leave, but may run its course soon as well. So will MerDer will return to the forefront shortly?

The upside, of course, is that the Post-It symbolizes forever. They are together for good. If they won't split up again, there's less conflict ... but it's a good thing.

Right? Can they still be interesting, albeit slightly boring? ARE they boring or is everything right with MerDer and Grey's? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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and yeah one more thing MerDer can never be boring NEVER they r the freaking reason we have been tuning into the show since so many many years and even now when we get only thirty seconds of them we still tune in to take away those priceless thirty seconds I guess as long as EP and PD wld be part of the show we all will keep tuning in no matter what Seriouly hats off to both of them and to MerDer for winning so many many hearts The fact that till date people r literally screaming their lungs out and DEMANDING more MerDer proves how much they r loved and wanted and NEEDED We NEED MerDer they have become love's definition to so damned many of us They r ANYTHING but boring and Shonda and ABC knows that The need of the hour is MORE MerDer and conflict isn't the only way to show them They have so many many things to cover on their front So yeah the problem isnt lack of conflict or story the story is riht there the actors r right there the problem is of screentime Just gie then one episode or rather just give them freaking tn minutes of screen time in an epi an just see how the magic bounces back on to the show I love the show as a whole I adore Cris Alex Belly Chief Mark Lexie Cally adore them alll but MerDer is THE core thread they have always been right from the freaking first epi I saw so I cannot appreciate anything else if I dont get my share of MerDer Just having five minuts long scene of MerDer nakes the episode legendory And the point is that so much of screen time is wasted on unwanted crap like Teddy's marige and Avery and April and what not Now that hurts that hurts BADLY becoz its UNFAIR to waste screen time on such chars and not show us THE freaking CORE COUPLE Do they actually think we r gona love these characters? NO FREAKING WAYS noone can come close to the orijnal Grey's cast and for me that includes MerDer Alex Cris Mark Lexie Cally Chief and Belly and NO ONE ELSE i wld accept Hunt and Robins coz of Cris and Cally but THATS IT
The Season started off brilliantly but down the line it became too draggy so draggy that u cant even sympathize with the PTSD being shown anymore When season six finale happend Shonda had opened so damned many doors she could have explored so much just so damned much and she could have really made Grey's GREAT coz its all dark and twisty stuff she loves but somehow she missed huge opportunity she so did i hope the remaining half of season seven can make up for all this What i want to see is Mer healing The poor thing has been busy haling others but wht about her pain her trauma her loss? Damn it i want to see all that I want more Mer and I want to see MerDer together atleast ONCE living the horro of that day and together rising from it together healing LET THEIR HEALING BEGIN SHONDA LET THEIR HEALING BEGIN


For me this season has been BEAUTIFUL and the whole freaking credit of it all goes to my beloved MerDer I know I know there has been less of screen time for them But damn inspite of that I can feel their growth their strength And th one thing that I am happy about is that even though MerDer as a couple got less screen time Mer and Der as indivual characters r still THE core focus Go back and see the first four epis of this Season all you wld see on your screen is either Mer or Der for most of the time and that works for me it so does coz its not just abt MerDer as a couple for me its also abt Mer and Der as individuals And yes I know the focus has been on Cris but am happy that we got to see DerStina bonding \and I feel that the reason why Der is going out of his freaking way to make sure Cristina is fine is coz he finally knows and understands that if Cristina Yang can't be who she is Meredith Grey too would loose a piec of herself Dereko knows Mer NEEDS her twisted sister Derek KNOWS this and he also knows how badly Mer wants to be there for Cris but somehow she is unable to reach her and Der on the other hand is able to reach Cristina so yeah he is doing what Mer should have been doing he is filling up for his wife and this is nothing nothing but a sign of Der;s invincible love for Mer
Guys look how far MerDer have come just look how far they have come Go back to Season 3 4 5 Der was actually insecure abt Mer and Cristina Damn he even blackmailed Mark to date Cris just so he can keep her busy Hahahah that was HILARIOUS But the point is Der never got Mer and Cristina's twisted bond He didn't Eventually in Seaosn 5 he ACCEPTED the fact that they r inseperale twisted sisters and he would just have to live with it if he wants Mer he wld just have to live with it So yeah he ACCEPTED it but still he never nevr UNDERSTOOD them Not until NOW in this Season Its now when he finally FINALLY got the simple fact that just like him Cris too is Mer's soulmate and she needs Cris as much as she needs HIM HE HAS FINALLY GOT THIS and he respects this feleing of Mer which initself is something so beautiful Tell me which man's ego would ever let him accept that there can be a person in your wife's lie who is as imp as you? No one no one would be okay with it But Der not only is okay with it he UNDERSTANDS it too which is something just BEAUTIFUL Its a sign that finally Der is loving the real Mer He is loving her just the way she is and this is what love is all about Its all about accepting and loving the person the way he or she is and not forcing them to change to a wholer or healthier version I dunno You know right up til the end of Season 6 I used to feel that there is something missing btw merDer like a huge gap a huge cavity and that cavity was The Cristina Yang Cavity I mean Mer could say anything and everything to Cris regarding Der but she hardly ever used to talk Cris to Der and that was a HUGE gap HUGE HUGE gap but now now she can easily without hesitation talk Cristina stuff to Der even in the middle of him kissing her so freaking passionately (talking about epi 8 here when he was so busy kissing her dreamyly and she was so adorably an innocently going on and on about Cris siiiiiiigh) I mean she was actually seeking his advice as to what to do regarding Cris THAT WAS HUGE guys HUGE Before that moment no one NO ONE not Der not Burk not Owen no one ever had any say btw the two twisted sisters They were each others secret keepers and neithe of them talked each other to ANYONE ANY DAMNED ONE But here Mer talked Cris to Der which is a sign of how freaking far they have come just how far from that point where Mer couldn' even let Der love her own self leave aise letting him in on other aspects of her life
They have come a long way guys they have come a long long way and this season has TRULY TRULY made them Soulmates coz finally there is no gaps btw them finally there is a special bond btw Der and Cris two people who make Mer who she is
And guys its my sincere urge to all MerDer fans to see the beauty in MerDer this season I mean see the Seventh epi the two scenes Der had with Belly and his Alzhmers talk with her the fact that he couldnt think of anything for twelve freaking hours the fact that he was just stuck on Ellis Grey and early on set of Alz Damn doesn't it says so much about his love for Mer? I know we all r craving for MerDer moments together but is it fair that in our craving we forget to see what actually is being given to us?
We all r ranting about how badly the miscarriage was dealt with but if you personally ask me I LOVED IT i so loved it just go back and see Mer's pain in that scene and go back and see the intensit of the hug they share Yes i agree Der could have reacted a bit more shocked but i guess it was okay it was such a sudden news to him and he was more concerned abt Me the way she was freaking out abt his driving at that moment Der ha changed guys after the shooting he has changed he takes life as it comes and he is okay with everything life throws his way as long as he has his love by his side Damn he was the one who wanted a baby BADLY he was the one Mer didn't even know if she wanted a baby not until she actully lost it So yeah Der always wanted a bby but now look at him just look at him He doesn't cares if they make baby or no maybe they will maybe not He would be OKAY with everything as long as its him and his Mer by hios side at the end of he day he would be OK life would be OK no not just OK it wl be BEAUTIFUL just by having her by his side
I dunno i love MerDer always have always will and NO i do not want thm fighting or quarreling or falling apart NO i want them growing communicating connecting finding new bridges to each other i want to see their invincible love and you don't need to bring a nuclear holocaust on them to show that just show their relentless trust and respect in each other show them desiring each other impossibly even after marriage Marrige doesn't mean the romance the desire dies away and if thats what the general belief is then i guess the writers have a damn good medium in MerDer to break that notion
And s for Grey's without MerDr It wont work for me it so WONT The only reason I am not ranting about lack of MerDer the only reason I feel disconnected with my fellow MerDer shippers right now is coz this Season had loads and i mean it LOADS of Mer and Der as indiv characters I don't even hate Season 6 coz it had heck loads of Der and the finale sort of made up for the lack of MD So yeah Grey's is about MD and i wld always be and yu cant blame us you just cant I started watching Grey's just last month and in just a month am all smitten by MerDer coz any damned one who begins watching the show would watch it from Season 1 Episode and they r bound to fall in love with THE Mc Couple THEY SO ARE
Grey's Anatomy means Mer Der Cris Belly Chief Alex Lexie Mark Callie i ish George nd Izzy too were here but since they arent then its only these people the ones who have always been part of Grey's since season 1 or early season 2 its they who make grey's what it is and no matte how many random chars like teddy and april and avery get introduced they cannever NEVER match up to the core Grey's team I really really wish these random chars r removed and the focus is more on THE core team and I badly need some McDreamy McSteamy scenes There hasn't been ONE scen btw the two of them this season and thee hasn't even been one MerDer scene with THE MerDer music playing in the background this season I need to hear that music BADLY
Phew after saying it all i just want to say am not disappointed or disheartened in this season Ep and Pd have both stood out this season but i do hope and ish for more and much more MerDer and if EP and Pd seriously leaving after S8 then its high frekaing high time to capitalize on their intense pottential their unsurpassable chemistry Plz before they leave give us THE LEGEND OF MEREDITH AND DEREK and make this one couple so unforgetable that the whole world remembers and cherishes their love story forever


ho la sensazione che gli autori vogliano abituarci a una storia merder noiosa e scontata tanto da non sentirne la mancanza quando andranno via.Io mi sono appassionata a grey's seguendo proprio la loro relazione.Con il tempo il personaggio di Ellen ha perso vigoria e passione facendomi supporre che non ci sia feeling tra Shonda e la Pompeo .Ci serve un po' di merder ,non necessariamente conflitti o litigi ma anche un minimo di vita quotidiana..


I feel they are boring. They are a very attractive couple but they seem to lack chemistry. These two are very predictable. I am an Alex and Izzie fan. To me they had chemistry and excitment. There is something lacking betweeen MerDer.


In short the writing and character development is the problem. Even if you don't agree make no mistake about it there is a problem. I think the focus is trying to stay so void of real human issues prejiduces, jealousies, judgements all things related to the human condition makes the characters vacant and boring. You don't know why things happen they just happen and know one acknowledges why. A perfect example is, Callie. She flips from straight to gay with full acceptance of all her friends complete with PDA's is not based in reality. But because the formula is to introduce the shocking/scandlous circumstances and then completely ignore shock and scandle is if this how people would seriously deal with this is insulting and misses the goal of television...which is to entertain, even when it is ugly. We love the drama of people working it out in a relatable way. This is why Soaps are so addicting. This goes double for Private Practice.


My honest opinion is that I think this show has maybe this season and one more season left. Its not as funny as it used to be anymore, and that is partly because when you are younger, you do more silly things, but as these characters have come into their own more, they interact less. I do hope the rest of the season improves as you can only do so much with the whole Cristina thing. Once a marriage takes place, less conflict will result and honestly that helps to make a good wrap up for the show at some point. In fact the only marriage problem I can see happening is between Cristina and Owen considering her state of mind at the time of tying the not. I could be wrong, but if the rest of the season and the next is anything like the last few episodes, I'd rather them end the show than get anymore stale than it already is. You don't want Grey's going out the same way ER did, great in the beginning but ending in complete oblivion in the end.


they r boring with no storylines, ionly liked them in the first seasons. that s why i wonder why ppl want everythng to go jst right and smooth b/n Callie and AZ and Lex and Mark imean what are u guys gonna watch a show with no drama.only happy couples moving around.


Do you guys think they will get the hint and gives us a little more MerDer this next episode? I hate the lack of MerDer but I will forgive them if they are doing this on purpose...I can see them "neglecting" these two because the next half of the season might be more centralized around them.


@KristenR1983 i agree with will be really weird though...think of a grey's without ellen pompeo.OR without totally handsome patrick dempsey!!!!!!ok merder fans can focuse on other couples for a few episodes...BUT SR needs to show us a few more merder for this season 6 after derek became chief in some episodes meredith and derek didn't even appear...:(


I wish so too!!


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)

Burke was- He took something from me. He took little pieces of me, little pieces over time, so small I didn't even notice, you know? He wanted me to be something I wasn't, and I made myself into what he wanted. One day I was me Cristina Yang, and then suddenly I was lying for him, and jeopardizing my career, and agreeing to be married and wearing a ring, and being a bride. Until I was standing there in a wedding dress with no eyebrows, and I wasn't Cristina Yang anymore. And even then, I would've married him. I would have. I lost myself for a long time. And now that I'm finally me again, I can't. I love you. I love you more than I loved Burke. I love you. And that scares the crap out of me because when you asked me to ignore Teddy's page, you took a piece of me, and I let you. And that will never happen again.