Grey's Anatomy Sneak Previews: "Disarm"

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Three sneak preview clips for the next new episode of Grey's Anatomy, "Disarm," have just been released, and it looks like plenty of drama awaits us January 6.

We begin with Callie and the just-returned Arizona, whose turbulent relationship has sparked a number of rumors regarding what we can expect early next year.

At least right away, it doesn't look like reconciliation will be a breeze ...

Please, go back to Malawi? That was harsh. Think she'll come around?

Follow the jump for two more clips from "Disarm," in which Teddy seems very serious about moving forward with her radical plan to save the terminal Henry.

Also, we learn about the catastrophe that will test the doctors' resolve:

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Can neone tell me if last week was a rerun or new and btw callie was not the selfish one arizona was if she realy loved callie then she wouldnt have went to africa callie atleast put her life aside and was thinking about arizona think about it .


Callie is immature and always wants her way from AZ. They only time that I can recall Callie trying to give in on something was when she said she did not need kids, but in the end, it was AZ who gave on that. Callie made no effort to see AZ's position with respect to her feelings on Mark, instead pressuring AZ to give in and like Mark because it was important to Callie. Callie could not even bother to tell AZ that she was proud of her or happy for the accomplishment of getting the grant. Instead, Callie acted like a spoiled brat and focused on how AZ winning the grant was going to effect Callie. While I get that Callie is hurt by AZ leaving her, Callie's passive aggressive sniping brought abWhiout the harsh break up at the airport. AZ has some of the blame too because she should have called Callie out sooner than at the airport, but Callie needs to get over herself. I am starting to not like Callie.


Looks good! But less calzona, less Yang and more MERDER is needed! I miss them together!!!!


@zla2, But Meredith didn't put up much of a resistance when Derek kicked them out, did she? Guess someone wanted them gone as well...


@zla2 What Cristina replied was "I'd like you to pay the rent but whatever. Take care now." Obviously meaning that Cristina would cover the rent.


I think I miss the episode in wich Cristina paid the rent of the aparment. The episode that I remember was the one where Callie told Cristina that she couldnt make the rent. And Cristina's answer and solution was to Callie call her family and told them that she and Arizona had broken up so she could get her trust found back becuase she really think that she should paid rent. She didnt said "Oh dont worry about it I will paid the rent of this month". I recall also Callie working extra shift in the ER to be able to buy food and paid the rent! @ Anuflas
Dereck didnt put with Izzie and Alex for along time soon after he moved in with Meredith he was measuring Izzie's room to make and office, without talking to Meredith first. He told them that they expect them to move out soon without given them any notice in advance to me thats selfish. Thats why Meredith put him in his place when she told them that they are her family and he cant expect her to kick them out. I think that Cristina and Owen were planning to get their own place after they got married and thats why Callie ask Arizona to move in with her, couse if that was no the case she would ask Arizona to ge their own place or move in to Arizonas place. I think that Cristinas and Owens apartment search was dealy due to all of the PTDS drama.


@ Greysfan1000, I completely agree with everything you've said. Callie has tried to fit into Arizona's mold just like she tried to fit into George's mold. I just hope Callie wakes up and realizes that she's worth more in these relationships. Arizona should have to work, really hard, to get Callie back.


@zla2 First of all, it wasn't Callie's apartment like it was Meredith's house. It was Cristina's and Callie's apartment. In fact, it was Cristina who found the apartment first (from Izzie) and invited Callie to become her roommate. In fact, Cristina paid the rent when Callie couldn't. How is it suddenly Callie's apartment that Arizona feels that she can kick Cristina out? At least, Callie recognized that they were being monsters when she spoke to Meredith.


Callie has bended her way to fit Arizona's pink bubble. She has given up more than Arizona has. No one told Arizona to come back but Arizona cannot expect Callie to receive her with open arms. Why would Callie do that? Callie was wrong in her passive/aggressive attitude before Africa but it was Arizona the one to break the relationship at the end. @zla2, Cristina was on a serious breakdown and Arizona was pushing to get her out. She was in a horrible mental state and Arizona only cared for her new place. How is that not selfish? Derek put up with Izzie and Alex for a long time. Izzie was in a better place than Cristina was when Derek kicked them out. I was happy he did and wish he could do that now with the lousy roommates.


Yes, Arizona was mean in the sense that she told Callie to stay when they got to the airport but don't you remember that Callie was a bit--ching all day long about going to Africa? Wouldn't you do the same if you were AZ? What about the baby thing? Callie wants a baby so AZ has to change her mind? If Callie wants a baby, explain the reason and deal with it. If AZ wants to go to Africa and Callie does not tell her to go, you wait for her instead of making AZ be miserable all day having to hear you whining! I think BOTH need to grow up or split! As far as Teddy, kind of stupid what she is doing but they need to give her a good SL. I know he will not be another Denny as writers/producers know how we felt about Izzy/Denny even though we loved them together. Christina, kind of odd that she is there but I have faith, the writers will find a way to make her appearance there be believable... From what I am reading about MerDer I have to say I dont see in that site given that it mentions this episode so I am not sure this is going to happen. However if it does I will be really happy as like someone else said, they do need to talk about what happen and need some closure together.

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