Hawaii Five-O Review: "Hana 'a'a Makehewa"

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Mele Kalikimaka is how Hawaiians say "Merry Christmas."

As for Hawaii Five-O? It expresses this notion via returning villains, action and further mystery for viewers to chew on during the mid-season break.

Helping Chin

Overall, "Hana 'a'a Makehewa" was a solid 2010 conclusion.

A lot of suspense pervaded the atmosphere, and not just surrounding the question of Chin's survival. Desperate measures were definitely taken in the episode, and the audience will see the consequences of McGarrett's actions to save Chin's life come back with a vicious bite.

It's exciting to see James Marsters return as Irish terrorist Victor Hesse, as the commentary from the team that McGarrett should make sure Hesse stays defeated this time around was fun.

Hesse ends up in jail, but another adversary manages an escape. From the surprise ending of the episode, I have no doubt that Hesse will reemerge at least one more time to taunt and attempt to destroy McGarrett.

I have to call a total rookie move on McGarrett and Danno for their mishandling of Sang Min. Hesse might have been the primary target, but it seems like a really lame mistake for a seasoned cop such as Danno, and a highly trained Navy SEAL to make. It did provide a crucial vehicle in aiding Hesse slip away, but certainly it could have been achieved another way.

Making Like Santa

The Christmas touches of the episode were downgraded to mere character enlightenment, which is fine for this tale. Even as a small glance, it's nice to see Danno interact with his daughter, and fret about making sure he does things as perfectly as he can for her.

Kono got a bit more screen time, as well. It's always pleasant to see the one female officer get to do some exciting work. Given that her cousin's life was in peril, it's understandable that McGarrett would give her the chance to help set things right.

Of course, there is the issue of the ten million dollars that was taken illegally. If the bad guys still have a mole in the police department, it won't take long for this act to jeopardize the team, especially Kono, since she's a rookie and therefore more vulnerable to scrutiny.

But half the fun of this episode is looking at the implications of what might be coming around the corner for the team.

Even though the conclusion was meant to be highly suspenseful with the reveal of Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) speaking with Hesse in prison, was I the only person that giggled a little and wondered what the Chairman from Iron Chef had to do with underworld operations?

The questions left unanswered leave me eager for the next one... which won't air until 2011. Have a safe and happy holiday, readers.


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Your right. It has been picked up for a full season and a full season two!


GOOOOD! Have no one noticed that Chin been in the SAME position for too many hours? This was too weird. However, this ep was awesome.


I thought HF-0 already HAS been picked up for a second season.


Pathetic Chairman-
If you think this show is so 'lame' and won't be picked up for a second season; then answer me this, why are you spending the time writing a huge review to a show you clearly don't care for? Why do you care so much what people who are truly invested in this show think if your not one of them?
Consider taking it down a notch and spending your time doing something more useful than putting down others.


TO WHOEVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE: I'd like to say yes, you're the only one who laughed at the end. But sadly Mark Dacascos has gotten too complacent with his "chairman" role and now he's typecast among ignorant viewers such as yourself! I take it you never saw Brotherhood of the Wolf or Drive? For Mark Dacascos being the looney chairman is easy, big money for doing not much of anything at all and letting all his martial arts & acting skills go to waste in the process. He delivers the same lame lines in the same exact over the top way day after day and he gets paid royally and he gets to eat food. But he's also got typecast. And that's exactly why Mark Dacascos is a pathetic sell out and a huge has-been! To all the fans crying out that he's underrated he couldn't care less. He's rich! Mark Dacascos is satisfied with the status quo and so far as his career is concerned he's gotten way too lazy. He could have been auditioning for big time parts but he doesn't even bother. I bet he's even scared to break out of his comfy ridiculous little insignificant chairman role. It's like he doesn't even care so why should we? I mean Hawai50? This lame show will not be picked up for a second season. And Mark Dacascos can go back to the kitchen like the complacent has-been martial artist actor he has become due to his deplorable laziness (so far as his career is concerned)


Loved the epi, although leaving Sang Ming alone in the car was hardly the only rookie mistake. What was ChinHo thinking, going onto that boat all alone? And did he think he had snuck up on the Bad Guys, arriving on a motorcycle? But they played the drama for all it was worth. Steve was unnerved but managed to remain vaguely calm. I liked that, as well as his declaration that he's a Seal. In other words, time to man up. Danny is losing his humor for me. I'm over the bitter divorcee bit, move on. Everybody on the team had a problem, his is not the worst.


Just speaking to the girls now...could Steve/Alex get any hotter? Let's recap: he's a Navy Seal, looks great in a uniform, he's neat, he's commanding, he's a boy scout, he can sew, he can cook, he's DROP DEAD gorgeous, he's funny, he has a killer smile and he can do things around the house. Holy Crap....


The nicest Irish accent I've heard was in Primeval - Douglas Henshall.... but then, I guess he IS Irish so he wouldn't mess it up.


Why does the Irish accent constantly get butchered in these shows? Surely they can do some homework and figure out what accent its supposed to be!


oh oh oh, I just clued in - the new team member - probably to keep an eye on the team, once the mayor discovers the $10 mil loan? That'll suck for Steve - he won't really be the boss anymore. I was wondering why they would add yet another cast member - or did Cecil B. de Mille come back to life and he's casting another epic?

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