Kristoffer Polaha to Fans: Life Unexpected Finale Won't Disappoint!

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Life Unexpected bids farewell with a two-hour series finale on January 18.

While fans deal with this news, star Kristoffer Polaha has two messages for them:

  1. Thank you!
  2. You won't be let down by what's to come!
Baze and Emma

Read what else the man who brought Baze to life wrote on his latest E! News blog below.

To the fans, I appreciate all your hard work and loyalty to the show. I'm so thrilled that we had the opportunity to give you guys 26 episodes of The Little Show That Could.

This experience is one that I'll never forget and it's due to all of you that stayed tuned in, kept watching, and fighting that got us this far, so for that I am so thankful. I hope everyone has safe travels through the holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Be sure to tune in Jan. 18 for the last two episodes of season two. You won't be disappointed!

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for me this show is the best.
any show for kristofferpolaha and shiri appleby?


I'm really upset that this show is ending I think that the CW is making a huge mistake, and the only reason that it has low ratings is because the CW failed to promote it well. This show has a truly talented cast, character depth and great story lines, knowing that it is ending is really saddening and I feel very much less inclined to watch the CW, honestly once One Tree Hill is finished I won't be tuning in to the CW anymore.


It sucks that this show is ending. I don't understand why they can't show us the two-hour finale before the break. What's the point of waiting for over a month to see the last two episodes? They should have showed it now, to get it over it.


I love this show and hate that it is being canceled. The really great shows always die young. Could another network please revive it?


This is crazy please dont cancel!!!!! I LOVE Life Unexpected please CW dont take this from the fans! I only watch CW for 2 shows, thats it!!! so please dnt take this from us!!!!!!


I wish they aired the finale during christmas :( I'm so sad @ series hiatus and because this is cancelled :(


Thank you Kris 4 a show that made me happy :-)


Terrible to hear that this show is really ending. :(


i can't believe some of the shows that the cw has staying and Lux is canceled, crazy!


I love you kris :( I'm so sad :'(

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