Latest Gossip Girl Promo: Get Juliet!

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We've posted plenty of promos for "The Townie" already, but why not one more? After all, it's the mid-season finale of Gossip Girl, and who doesn't love Dan and Blair as friends?

Whether producers dare to Dair and make them more than that early next year is uncertain, but with these two teaming up, Monday's episode has the makings of a great one.

Besides, after 11 episodes, it's about time Juliet got what's coming to her ...

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I dont thnk that blair and dan would be couples,,theyre not compatible to each other,and theyre just teaming up for revenge for serena..i luv chuck and blair..theyre really hot..i luv them so much..




The conversation Dan n Blair in the previous episode. Dan: Aren't I about the last person you want helping you?
Blair: You love Serena, don't you? So. We have something in common. So what do you say we find the bitch and get us some frontier justice. They can't be couples.. they just momentarily be friends to help serena.. I guess.. XD


It is absurb that blair and dan together! why keep saying they are together? They are friends instead of be couples. The only they be friends is because of juliet. REVENGE! Kick the BITCH out of the city please!


Oh my Goodness how brilliant would it be if Chuck got jealous of blair and Dan? I mean think about it: It's always more interesting when Chuck is jealous of Nate, or Jack or whoever Blair's dating. That was the whole point of season 1 and 2! That's when Chuck and Blair were interesting. Dan and Chuck have a rocky relationship because of those couple of times with Jenny. How cute would it be if Dan started to like Blair and the two of them were fighting over her? Blair of course would like neither.


i think i just realized something... if you listen to the other promo chuck says "sharing enemies makes unlikely friends".As he was saying this the picture is on blair and dan, whihc owuld make since for their situation. (Both their enemies are Juliet) MAYBE HES UPSET ABOUT HOW MUCH TIME BLAIR AND DAN ARE SPENDING TOGETHER! He could be talking to Lilly about it, and Lilly doesnt believe him (bc she knows howm uch blair hates Dan) and so chuck says that.


I would absolutely hate it if Dan and Blair ever got together. For one, they're probably the most unlikely couple because generally, they both dislike each other. Second, how could either of them who both love Serena just end up together that way? The connection between the two just screams "Don't hook up". Some people just need to stay acquaintances / friends and in Gossip Girl, those people are Dan and Blair.


I love dair scheming :)
They do have great on screen chemistry. I don't know how I feel about a hook up but it wouldn't be earth crashing to me now that rumors have been circulating for a while.


but they are not over chuck / serena, so it would never last..


You never know, Dair might turn out to be a hot couple.

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