Life Unexpected Review: "Stand Taken"

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This week on Life Unexpected, the writers decided to cover an area of physical violence that many family TV shows tend to shed away from. So, before I go into my review, I wanted to take a moment and give the writers props for bringing such a tragic abuse story to light.

On "Stand Taken," Lux finally has to make the decision to come clean about what happened to her in the past. You could tell it was something major that she wanted to keep buried because she even went to the man that abused her and asked him not to testify.

Eric and Lux

Lux said she did this to protect Tasha, but really she was just trying to protect herself. She didn't want everyone, especially Eric, to know about what happened to her.

I've got one burning question: Wouldn't you, if you were Lux's parents, think it's weird that her teacher showed up for the hearing? If Eric is so concerned about having anyone find out about their illicit relationship, wouldn't he stay as far away as possible?

After the hearing, it seemed that Eric wasn't expected to hear the emotional scenes that happened to Lux. I'm not sure if this look was a sign of him wanting out, but it definitely means something.

It was a heartbreaking scene watching Lux describe what went down in her past. I was in tears when she spoke of her first kiss being with this horrible man. Thankfully, Lux had the smarts to try and run away before Trey tried to rape her. Not all children are brave enough to stand up to someone the way Lux did.

Fortunately, Valerie finally stood up and was the mother that Lux needed. She sided with Lux and her child-abusing husband was sent to jail.

Tasha got to stay out of prison, but did get two months of juvenile hall for breaking the terms of her guardianship. Does this mean this is the last we see of Tasha... ever? Will we ever find out how deep her relationship is with Jones?

Meanwhile, Cate and Ryan are on the road to mending their broken relationship. It looks like this baby is a saving grace. I really like these two together and would love to see that tiny blueberry turn into the real deal.

Shockingly, we find out that Emma had a secret affair with Baze's dad to potentially boost her career. Of course, Lux would be standing in ear shot to hear the whole secret come out. What do you think Baze will do when he hears that his pops boned his girlfriend and cheated on his mom?

Until the January 18 series finale - yes, series - here are a few of my favorite Life Unexpected quotes from last night:

Cate: (to Valerie) Being a parent means putting the kid first. You were her mom once. Be her mom again. | permalink
Lux: I don't think I could take losing another mom. I don't think I could take losing you. | permalink
Lux: Seriously, what is your problem?
Tasha: You. You are my problem. | permalink
Baze: (to Lux) Don't worry kiddo, one way or another the truth about this guy is finally coming out. | permalink
Baze: (to his dad) Emma's helping me. You're the one that made me choose, remember? She's my family now. | permalink
Lux: Most girls in junior high have their first kiss playing spin the bottle, mine was with him. | permalink


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I think Ryan looked the saddest while Lux was talking


I agree with everyone! They need to do at least 1 more season!
I love it altogether. I am in love with all of the male characters. obv execpt trey!
I also really like lux - Britt robertson's hair!


Such a great episode!!! Love the storyline between Eric and Lux!!!


i think Eric had that look on his face because he was there for her, told her he loved her and she just kind of said hey thanks and left without saying it back


Best episode do far. I really don't want them to cancel it. I think Eric had that look after she asked if anything had changed because he felt guilty. He knew her troubles and felt like their relationship was bad for her. Maybe thought she was unable to handle it.

Saad khan

This was Indeed the Best episode of the Series (If I can say so) Lux performance in the court room was heart wrenching, Even just thinking about how she told her abusive story makes me shiver... she was Brilliant.
Its Sad that's the show is ending but I'll always remember Lux,
it was such an unusual story if they wouldn't have stolen Teacher/Student story from Pretty little Liars, I think it could have been still strong.
I'll miss Life UnXpected and Again Bravo for Brit Robertson & CW for trying to make a show which dealt with some real issues.
Next week 2hrs Series Finale looks promising.


What do you all make of Eric's expression after Lux asks if anything has changed between them? It seemed like he definitely wanted out, but i wasn't certain what would suddenly make him shift gears like that after telling her he loved her an hour before??


I loved this episode so much, it was so heart wrenching to me I was balling my eyes out. I do agree with the reviewer in the fact that LUX was very brave to get away from her attacker before he had the chance to do more harm to her than he already did. I love the fact that this show is dealing and shedding light on such a topic of child and sexual abuse. I am a child of abuse so this story and show touches me very much and I love that the scenes are so truthful. I can relate to LUX on such a personal level. I truly pray that the CW changes there minds about this show. I have not missed an episode yet and would not in the future. I don't think it was weird that Erik was at the trial at all, he has been around for several family events already. They also did not say series finale, I was recording and rewound twice to make sure they did say season finale, so there is still a change that they will get another season. All I know is this fan is praying for more LUX :)


@Melissa they are releasing the dvd and titled it "Life Unexpected the complete series" if thats not an indication of the end idk what is. it was on here a couple of weeks ago =(


@Melissa Marie Wells - I agree with the was weird that he showed up to such a huge hearing. What, did Math invite him? This was a personal family matter and by the looks on everyone's face it came as a SURPRISE that he was there...

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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Cate: You don't have to be St. Ryan. You can still back out.
Ryan: I am not a Saint.

Most girls in junior high have their first kiss playing spin the bottle, mine was with him.