Look Who's Returning to Mystic Falls...

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The last time Vampire Diaries viewers saw John Gilbert, he was handing Jeremy his magic ring and heading out of Mystic Falls because Stefan told him to skedaddle.

But we have it on good authority that this character will return to town on the show's second episode of 2011 - and he'll bring a key piece of information with him: how to kill Elijah.

Uncle John Gilbert

Based on a recent Nina Dobrev interview, Elijah will approach Elena on this week's midseason finale and offer her some kind of deal.

What will it be? Are you excited for the return of John Gilbert? Comment away below and/or in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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I quite liked John in the show
I know a lot if ppl hate him coz he killed Anna but I think he was only doing what he thought was the right ting
I liked Anna too in fct she was 1 of my fave character but I didn't think she would last long on the show anyway idk but I just felt like she was only gonna stick aroun 4 a little bit
Anyway I am glad that John is goin to cum back4 a bit cause I dont think he was a bad guy he was just soon what he thought he had 2 to protect his family, just like what Elena does really but ppl don't turn on her cuz they want her to be wit Damon....


he can die or he could just stay away.


i wish he died and i cant beleive he killed anna he is an asshole. i love when katherine stabbed him and cut his fingers off it was awesome. i will be happy if he tells them how to kill the originals and then leaves straight away or dies... i dont like isobel either.


I could care less if John Gilbert returns to town; because I am not too fond of him and his ways. I loved the “kill� of Damon twisting his neck and tossing him off the balcony. His return was shocking and inconvenient. I have no desire to see Elijah harmed either. Again, I just cannot imagine one human {especially an incompetent, history book with a ring} such as John Gilbert, consummating any lasting hindrance to a force like Elijah. He couldn’t even successfully complete simple requests from Isobel; whom, let’s not forget, back-slapped John to the floor. His biggest backers in any such endeavor will be Katherine, Isobel, and probably over-protective Stefan and Jeremy {not trusting any agreement from Elijah}~


i don't particularly like john gilbert but i love david anders


NOOOOOOOO, stay away from Mystic Falls John. Still pissed of he killed Anna and got away with it, hopefully when he comes back into town someone tells Jeremy that John was the one who staked Anna. Just so bummed at the idea of him coming back, hopefully he dies.




Hope he doesn't stay. my least fav character!


that sounds great....as long as he's not going to be a dick again, because the last time he was in town he tried killing Damon & Stefan! I hope he's changed his feelings towards them in this time, and decides to help ALL of them! He owes Elena that much


Thinks it great, thought he was great on the show and can't wait to see him back on it.

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