Michaela McManus Teases Vampire Diaries Character: She's After Damon...

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It took only one episode for Michaela McManus to make a major impression on viewers of The Vampire Diaries.

As Jules, she's already "marked" Damon, bitten Rose and placed a mysterious phone call to... someone (perhaps incoming werewolf Brody, as played by Stephen Amell?).

What are fans to make of this character? Can we really trust her? McManus spoke to Entertainment Weekly and answered a few key questions about what's to come when The Vampire Diaries returns on January 27.

As Jules

On Jules' motivations: As much as she is tough and a threat to Damon, she is also coming back to avenge her friend’s death, so you can’t really blame her for that. She’s not outright crazy or mean. She’s just trying to protect herself and get back at Damon for what he’s done to Mason.

On Jules' struggles: She has a sensitive side. She has to live with being a werewolf and every full moon transforming into this beast who wreaks havoc, but it’s not something she’s proud of or happy with. I don’t think she’s the kind of werewolf that just likes to go around tearing up people. She definitely has a hard time with it.

On what's ahead: Jules gets pretty physical. She’s after [Damon], and he’s just as much after her. It’s really fun to see the two of them battle it out.

Read the full interview at the official EW site and sound off: Are you happy with the addition of McManus to the cast? She's booked for at least three more episodes.

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I like her...and it's true at least Rose and maybe her now on will take Elena off of Damon's mind...


Sorry, but at least Jules brings some action in the show, she could be lethal to the vamps. Rose is just, well, boring. I'm happy she takes Damon's mind of Elena ( though I am a big fan of Delena ) but still, she is just plain boring. She might be interesting next episode though. But on Jules, so far, I like the fact that she's not afraid of Damon and ready to kick his ass when needed. You see, Damon on a mission is very nice to watch.

Amy jackey

i think she does a good job on the show


I HATE JULES. I personally just hate her as an actress.


I like how Jules is the beginning of the all the werewolves really coming to Mystic Falls. I know that Mason and Tyler introduced us to them but the real threats are going to come because of her. I like it too that she has her sensitive side of just wanting to avenge Mason's death but not necessarily wreaking the place up. I feel like there's a lot more to this character so it'll be interesting to see that.


eww jules is ugly and doesn't deserve damon... kill her off!!!


I like Rose... but if she won't die... all this werewolf stuff isn't serious.. and it's not interesting...


well , neither Jules or Rose is Elena , so i don't really care who's after who..


Damon not Dante, i'm sure all the merit will be gone out of my posts now bc I make typos.


I hate when ppl bring Bonnie into their hate. Dante acts like 'King of the Hill' all the time, but when a female character comes on the show and calls one of the main MALES on their b.s., they get epic hate spewed at them. Lame sauce for reals.

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