NCIS Casting a Clinical Psychiatrist

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One can only imagine the things that go on in DiNozzo's head ... or Abby's.

We may soon learn more about them than we ever wanted, TV Guide reports. A team member will log some couch time in the near future, as the show is looking to add a psychiatrist who specializes in combat trauma and stress-related anxiety issues to the cast.

According to insiders, she reads people like books and isn't at all shy about digging up sensitive memories. Which team member do you think we'll see in treatment?

NCIS team

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Tony for sure.
Writers now that fans are sick of Ziva storylines.


Its got to be Tony.
No one wants to hear Ziva talk.


Hope it's Tony logging the couch time. I'm so tired of Ziva. Ugh!


Why Isn't Brian Ditzen not made part of the cast, he's great.


If its Toney then it has to evloed 3 people Kate Jenny And Jeanne's


Although it could be Ziva because of Somalia, I have a feeling it will be Tony. He mentioned something about a therapist last season, and we know theres an upcoming scene where Ziva confronts him about something he has gone through. So maybe he'll need profesional help after that? ps. CANNOT WAIT FOR THE (ACORDING TO MW) TRUEST, MOST ROMANTIC SCENE EVER!


ive a feeling it will be tony


I think it maybe Tony because he said to McGee about seeing therapeist last season but he said it was for his knee McGee didn`t believe him. but it could be Ziva because her time being held hostage for all those months.


Well if she's a specialist in combat trauma and stress-related anxiety issues, Ziva seems like the more logical choice. But whomever she's supposed to be analyzing, it doesn't sound like she'd stop with that person. And Abby will indubitably get embroiled in it, because that is who she is (yay!). On a side note. I wonder if the character will be a redhead.

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