Neil Patrick Harris Calls Out Eric Braeden for Dissing HIMYM Role

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The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden will no longer be appearing on How I Met Your Mother.

Originally signed as Robin's father, the actor reportedly dropped out because... let's just let Neil Patrick Harris take it from here, courtesy of a recently Tweeted response to the development:

“Eric Braeden is a D-Bag. The actor… agreed to do a cameo, then last night bailed, saying the part wasn’t ‘substantial’ enough.... We’ve recast with Ray Wise, a fantastic actor who makes any part ‘substantial.’"


There's not much we can add to that amazing Tweet. It's - yes, wait for it... - legendary!

UPDATE: Braeden has fired back in a statement, saying:

“I really don’t know who that fellow is. He’s a guy who stars in that series. It’s very unfortunate. First of all, I came back from hip surgery. I was off for three weeks. I’ve doubled my work, 30 to 50 pages a day for me, alone. Everyone knows that I’m exhausted. I was not about to appear on a show for two lines, because that’s what it amounted to.”

In response, NPH posted a Tweet that apologized for using the term "D bag."

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what this article fails to mention is that Braeden is the star of his soap and therefore has to work more than NPH (who i love by the way) has to. NPH was very unprofessional as two lines really isn't substantial enough for Eric to give up time on his first job for, and considering he is was under weather I believe that is why NPH apologize for calling him D-Bag as Braeden was not dissing the role or that show as Braeden is 69 years old.


legend or not he should show some professionalism and have some respect...that's life nothing runs perfectly.


OMG I love Ray Wise...might tune in to this just to see him guest star :D He sure does make any part substantial...Braeden's loss...


Why is he out of line? It's his opinion. He's a grown man, let his mom give him crap for his language. I'd be annoyed too, and if the actor had an issue about the script he should've brought it up earlier. Not like they had an entire episode around him, then said "scratch that, 2 lines for you."


Dude, NPH is/has been/will always be awesome ok?


NPH was out of line in using that term but the context is understandable. I'm sure that it was frustrating for them to have a sudden pull-out and it didn't help that the actor called it unsubstantial.


NPH shouldn't have said D-Bag, but its kind of wrong to ditch the show on the last minute especially if they're ready to do filming.


Neil Patrick Harris is a legend!


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