Nikita Review: "All the Way"

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It took me longer than usual to sum up this episode of Nikita in a single sentence. After all, the cute beginning of an Alex fashion show was very deceiving, as this turned out to be one of the darkest episodes yet of the drama.

Overall, “All the Way” was jam-packed with action, suspense, fatalities and superb acting.

Captured by Division

Lyndsy Fonseca really stood out, convincingly saluting to Percy and promising her loyalty to Division. Alex has now killed Thom, an act I never would have seen coming from her, considering she spent the whole hour holding back on her mission, unable to shoot the target.

Thom killed Alex’s target, with tears in his eyes, after explaining to Alex that “with every kill, they never die. You see their face everyday.” As Thom lay dying, and repeated those words to Alex, my heart broke. I also didn’t expect Alex to frame Thom for the bombs that she planted, but it was a brilliant way to keep herself alive.

Even though Alex is now an agent (a very well respected one for capturing both Nikita and killing Thom, the supposed mole) and will be living out of Division quarters, you could see in Michael's eyes that he knows she is connected with Nikita.

I wonder if that will have him keeping his eye on her more so than he would otherwise. I also found it heartwarming how Michael told Alex to say that her gun jammed, rather than the truth: that she couldn’t kill the target.

After the bombs Alex planted helped free Nikita, we saw Amanda actually flee a room. Amanda isn’t afraid of anyone - except Nikita, apparently. On her way out of the escape hatch, we got a brief moment between Nikita and Michael. The pain in Nikita’s eyes conveyed so much emotion. The Division escape hatch is now sealed. Good thing Alex is working out of Division and won’t need the hatch or the shell program that she used to chat with Nikita.

The flashbacks between Nikita and Alex were great, and provided some information behind how the setup in the series premiere was arranged.

A few afterthoughts:

  • Where the heck was Owen this week?
  • Did Alex mean to kill, or even shoot, Thom? Or was it just something that just happened during their struggle?

So, TV Fanatics, were your jaws on the floor by the end of this episode? Are you excited to see Nikita working with Alex outside, or are you still mourning Thom’s death? Sound off now on a fantastic midseason finale!


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i think Thom will be back... At least i hope so... I know that ''you will see me'' part is about alex's first kill but... get it? YOU WILL SEE ME


I was so upset Thom died! I loved him for Alex and I don't think I'd be as happy seeing her with someone else. I will still watch Nikita to see her and Michael finally get together, but I feel like it won't be the same without Thom. :(


Bia, Nikita was only with Daniel for 3 months, so I have a hard time believing she was 'so in love' with him when she had a history with Michael before that. Owen was the one who killed Daniel, so her partnership with him really has nothing to do with Michael. The idea of Michael/Alex being together romantically really REALLY creeps me out. I do not understand that ship whatsoever, because I just do not SEE it in addition to the creep factor. They come off as father/daughter to me.


Amber Michelle, I agree that Michael is probably starting to catch onto Alex and what she's up to. I think he does suspect somewhere in the back of his mind that she's helping Nikita. But won't call her out on it, because he wants to protect her. I think the reason he tries to protect her so much is for a couple of reasons: 1) I think Alex does remind Michael of Nikita and how she escaped - like he said in Resistance, "I'm not going to lose you, too." The difference is that with Nikita, I get this sort of unresolved/lingering feelings vibe whereas with Alex, it comes off as a fatherly protective instinct sort of thing. 2) Since Michael's daughter Haley wouldn't be that much younger than Alex is now if she hadn't been murdered, I think he's developed this attachment to Alex because of it. Like I've said before, I get this father/daughter vibe between the two of them and I think a big part of Michael's need to protect Alex comes from losing his own daughter Haley at such a young age. JMO, though.


Definitly my favorite episode, all the other episodes have been great but this one was awesome. Alex and Nikkita were Badass as usual! This show does not get enough credit. Wtf was Owen? hes the guy Amanda offerd a job too right> i hope he does come back and he wasnt a filler, he was interisting. And yeah nice have a Magge Q v Melinda Clarke Catfight :)

Saad khan

It was one of the best and most darkest, shocking episode of Nikita and no one thought it will end up like that!
I loved Thom, I just can't believe he died :-(
Lyndsay Francisca shine this time and in every scene she stood out...
Amanda and Nikita's confrontation scene was effing powerful... I loved how Amanda's tortured Nikita... who saw that coming not even Nikita! You said that Amanda isn't afraid of anyone except Nikita and I think Nikita was also only afraid of Amanda, bx the moment she entered the room the expressions on Nikita's face says it all, How deep Amanda has gone into the heads of these Recruits.
Loved it and Can't wait for its return . Will miss Thom :-'(


im not so sure i want to watch nikita anymore..thom was my favourite character..and i loved him with alex..very stupid move.


5 Stars.


What an awesome episode! To answer the two "afterthoughts", Alex killed Thom by accident during the fight. That her first kill was an accident was a pretty clever way of resolving the story and evolving her character, seeing as her struggle to kill has been highlighted all over this episode (and in the flashbacks too). As to where Owen is this episode, he's in London, setting up a future mission regarding the next black box guardian. (It was mentioned at the end of "Dark Matter".


Does anyone else think that Nikita's Daniel is still alive? That he was maybe working for Division to test Nikita? I feel like that's going to be the season 1 finale.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

I bet she used it to get into Percy's office too. Remember when Jerkoff tried to pin that on me?


It's a kill job. I kill, or be killed, everyone knows that. I like the sapphire dress too.