Pair of Squinterns Bailing on Bones

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Two of Brennan's itinerant, maligned "squinterns" on Bones will soon find themselves exploring new job possibilities - in real life. Carla Gallo, who plays Daisy Wick, and Ryan Cartwright, who plays Vincent Nigel-Murray, have both been cast in upcoming series.

Cartwright's new show, Alphas, was just picked up by SyFy. The show, with David Strathairn as the lead, will follow "ordinary" people who have extraordinary abilities.

Maybe he'll retain massive amounts of useless trivia?

Carla Gallo Photo

It looks like we'll miss Miss Wick. Carla Gallo is moving on.

We may also be saying farewell to the adorable Daisy. Carla Gallo's new part will be in a CW pilot entitled Danni Lowinski, in which she will co-star with Amanda Walsh.

Walsh plays the title character of this quirky legal show, while Gallo will portray her best friend, Kaz. The plot will follow a hairdresser and law school graduate who, after being negged by numerous law firms, opens her own legal practice in a shopping mall.

Hey, it's the CW.

No word on whether Ms. Wick and/or Mr. Nigel-Murray will return to the Jeffersonian after the actors' new work commitments commence. This also should fuel the rumors that one or both squinterns will end up as a victim of 2011's rumored assassin.

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Sue ann

I've been thinking about Daisy. For a character who considers herself to be "scary smart", she is politically stupid. In the episode at the end of season 5 where she makes that godawful scream celebrating her upcoming trip to the Maluku Islands, and Cam told her she had to stop making that sound, she promptly did it again; for me, that summarizes what is nasty about her character. Cam is the boss of the lab, and Daisy totally ignored her order to cease the repellant and ear-splitting shriek. She carried on talking about herself, and screamed again. She does not acknowledge any needs but her own, or any views but her own. I have worked for persons in my lifetime who would have fired me on the spot, had I done what Daisy did in that scene. Dr. Brennan is also socially awkward, but she does realize the validity of other views than her own. Daisy really does not. I find the character to be unbelieveable. She has to be in her mid-twenties to have reached the level of doctoral candidate at the Jeffersonian. She's never been dumped? Excuse me, but Daisy Wick simply is not that pretty, and not that pleasant to be around, and being good at sex will only take one so far in a relationship. This is a very badly-written character.


@Sarah: I think so too! All the other countries just take the original American shows and just translate them... Why can't they do the same? And the Germand actress for Danni Lowinski (Anette Frier) is really good!
As for Mr Nigel-Murrey and Ms Wigg:
I really loved Mr. Nigel-Murrey. Bones won't be as funny without him... All the facts that he knows are just so great! :D I kind of hope that his new show will be really bad, that he will come back to bones. ;) Or he has to do both. :)
I kind of DID like Daisy, too. I have to admit, that she is not the nicest person, but she was different to the other interns, and that I liked.


Alex is right that is a German TV-Show. Looks like they don't have any new ideas themself! If they like a show why can't they just buy it and translate it in English? Why always copy it? Just the same they are trying to do with the great movie The girl with the dragon tattoo! If something is good, why try to copy it, just send the original translated!


Oh thank goodness! I agree with Sue Ann, I've been hoping for the day Miss Wick left the Jeffersonian. She is completely grating, there is nothing remotely adorable about the character. And I end up turning away from the show when her scenes come up to then forget to come back and finish watching the episode.
I liked Mr Nigel Murray, I like the useless trivia and hope he will continue to appear in the show. Alex sorry to disappoint but yes there seems to be a creativity crisis. I hope its a good show though!


Carla Gallo's new show is called "danni lowinski"?! that's a german show! it has the same story, too. i didn't know, that americans steal the ideas from other countries... ;)

Sue ann

While I will greatly miss Mr. Nigel-Murray, I hope Ms. Gallo's new show is a great success, so Daisy Wick never returns to the Jeffersonian. I really dislike that character. This is very good news -- even if she is only gone for a while, at least she will be gone. I have tried to pin down just what it is about her that is so repellant, and I have concluded that it is everything. The writers have missed out including endearing parts in her character. She is the arrogant person who never sees any side but her own. What they probably meant to be cutesie with Sweets, calling him her Lancelot, and doing the air fonts, etc., is just jarring. I wish the actress great success, and I hope some day to see her play a character I like. I blame the writers, not the actress, but I just want her gone.

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