The Good Wife Preview: "Nine Hours"

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There's one episode of The Good Wife remaining in 2010. And it looks to be a fascinating one.

Titled "Nine Hours," the December 14 installment will center around a pair of developments:

  1. Peter gets ready for his first debate with Childs and Wendy.
  2. Following a tip given to Alicia, the firm races against the clock to stay the execution of a man on death row.

We've posted the official CBS promo for "Nine Hours" here.

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Well are we all ready for another soap opera cliffhanger from episode 9, the scene where Alicia tells Will over the phone about can we talk sometime. I think the writer are way off base on pushing this same old dialog over and over, just drop it and move on. By todays ratings this series is sitting on the bubble to be canceled and the end of season 2. We still don't know what is going on in her family life, what ever happened to the family meeting where she told her children to tell the truth? She is still hideing her truth from them, wake up and smell the roses or go down the drain with this series.


Sorry but I disagree with renee, Peter has more sincere affection for his wife and children even though he messed up. Don't forget Alicia told Peter that she still loves him also her brother. Now lets get to Will his background and personal history off screen are both the same a complete player with only one thing on his mind. I don't see where he would be a good husband or father plus the children would not let their mother do this. She would end up with the biggest mess of her life if she tried, losing it all for a school yard crush.


Sorry but Peter is not a good father or husband I dont see Alicia with Peter I see her with Will They have that passion and love.And yes lets see more of the kids


Will all the writers of this series sit down and come up with a better story line for all cast members. It is getting so boring watching the same trash every week, lets get off the lets push Alicia without seeing the other side of the picture. It might just be fanesty to most but in reality it is common in the law field that most males try to get their employees in the sack then deny the whole thing and ruin the employees life. So lets put together a more professional and family story so we can see both sides of the street, I'm tired of this Will who is a backstabber and only wants one thing per Mr.Stern the old partner.


With the up coming episode of the NINE HOURS clip I am seeing a pattern that doesn't fit the theme, Alicia tells Kalinde about her problems again. Why can't your writers put together a better role for Alicia to play, as viewers we only see her career and not the rest of her life. She blameing everything on her family for what she sees as a hinderence. We need to see her in a more complete role as wife and mother and spend less time in the office with people that use her as their puppet all the time.
When is she going to answer the question to Peter and knock off the school girl garbage.LYING to your family about things is not what I would call the Good Wife. I hope that after the yearend break we start to see better writings.


This is a message to the kings, I just found out that The Good Wife might get canceled by CBS after season 2, the ratings are way down. I can see why it is the same old over and over every week with the same dialoge, we only see half and not the whole picture.
P.S. When are we going to see Will and Blake arrested for felony assault and attempted murder of the doctor in the poison pill episode ? I can hardly wait, this will send a big message to the Will team that their hero is a backstabbing SOB.


Yes i think Will adn Alicia have to have it out and realise they are actually not meant to be. peter is the man for her and i agree with Alice Marie in that lets see some real passion between Alicia AND PETER and have the kids more invloved. this second season is not as fast as the first season which is one of the reasons that got people hooked.


Can we start to see what a Good Wife is and knock off this so called passion crap, you keep going back and forth. If she can't make her mind than move on and get down to the story line about the Will and Blake felony assault and atempted murder of the doctor in your poison pill episode. Get Kalinda involved in it and have the states attornys office prosicute the pair.
You have her keep saying to Peter and her brother that she still loves Peter, well lets show it plus have the kids more involved.


Can we hope for a real explanation between Alicia and Will and also maybe a makeout session (It's holiday season I wishing a lot!)

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