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Everyone who thinks Virgil Minelli is Red John raise your hand...

He’s been my pick since season one.  Why else would bring this character back on "Jolly Red Elf," not that I can ever complain about watching Gregory Itzin for any reason. 

But if I suspect Virgil, Jane must do the same. Did he bring his suspicions to Minelli for this reason? Is Jane playing his own mind games?  So many possible twists and turns in this serial killer story. It’s hard to be sure who believes what anymore.

Santa Fight!

I can’t say the Santa story intrigued me, but I liked the banter between Jane and Lisbon over Christmas and Saint Nick:

Jane: So you took the whole Santa revelation badly.
Lisbon: Crushed my heart like a cigarette. | permalink

Can’t you just picture a heartbroken little Lisbon?  Even the look on her face as she said it was adorable.

LaRoche’s investigation into Todd Johnson’s death was what captured my attention.  Why wasn’t that green lighter listed in the evidence report?  Why was LaRoche carrying it around in an evidence bag in his pocket?  Did it make it to the FBI crime lab?

La Roche was such an enigma.  You could never tell what he was really thinking because you could barely see the man’s eyes.  They were just narrow slits.  How do you trust someone when you can’t look him in the eyes?  And is Jane actually his main suspect?  As Lisbon said, Johnson was on fire when the guard opened the cell door.  Jane was upstairs with her and probably plenty of other witnesses before that. 

Why target Jane?

All of that leaves me wondering if LaRoche has a connection to Red John.  Or maybe The Mentalist just has me paranoid.  So... LaRoche, Virgil Minelli, or do you have your own guess?  Lay your bets.  Speculate.  We have a lengthy hiatus ahead of us for fans to take their best guesses. Have at it!


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My best guess is "Kristina Fay" when Jane meets Red John and he is wearing a mask, his voice sounds a lot like a womans voice, in another episode when she hears the name of a suspect she tells them that she has talked to her (or him I don´t remember) and tells them that she is dead, 10 mins later the find her dead.... how in Gods good earth could she know that??? she has to be either Red John (which would be trully interesting) or an accomplice, but she is involved in some way.


If you need further proof of the culprit in the killing of Todd Johnson, a R.J. underling, watch for Rigsby to be on the carpet.Its true that Grace plays her cards well, but the picture of Yeoman, the actor who plays Rigsby, has been removed from this fan cite, Why? Is he past tense in the future, back to Wales for a different career change. Who knows, but since Baker has been signed on to play Jane for 4 more years (if the show lasts that long) I hope they find R.J., he disposes of him and goes on with his life.


Has anyone considered Grace as a possible RJ accomplice? She's very secretive about her past. I see it especially in the first episode when she meets Jane for the first time. There are other scenes throughout the current seasons that make me wonder, like when she tells Wayne, "I know who I am." And when she tells that hypnotist guy that she spent a year with Patrick Jane and he'll have to try a lot harder to get inside her head... Just a thought.


Hmm... interesting. But somehow, I don't think Minelli is Red John. I have no idea why, but I just have the feeling he's not. But as for La Roche, I don't think there is any doubt that he had something to do with RJ. I mean, come on! Jane didn't even tell *Lisbon* about the 'Tiger, Tiger' quote, so how the hell did La Roche know about it?? Unless he reads minds better than Jane, La Roche is connected to RJ. On a slightly different note, I am suspicious of both Ellis Mars and Kristina Frye. Mars just seems... wrong. His whole body language screams 'I'm friends with a serial killer!' (If body language could scream such things, haha.) I don't think we have actually *met* Red John yet (apart from in the mask), but I think RJ has placed people very carefully all around Jane. I think there are a few re-occurring characters who are actually RJ's people. (But not Lisbon, Van Pelt, Cho, Rigsby, or Hightower. I believe these are the good guys. :) ) As for Kristina Frye... I just don't like her. (And no, it's not because she stands in the way of Jane and Lisbon being together. Although that may have something to do with it...) Something about her just isn't right, and it seems to me that she is purposely getting close to Jane to mess with him. Oh, and I was very confused when they found her and she was all zombie-ish. What the heck was wrong with her?? And then she 'came back' when Jane called on her 'spirit'? How is she dead? I don't get it. And then in the next episode, Jane is back to his normal self, and Kristina is totally forgotten! I didn't really understand that... Anyway, yeah. Those are my theories, do what you want with them. :)


I agreed with Minelli as RJ. He assigned the RJ's case exactly to a group in which the secretary was a RJ freak. Too much of a coincidence? When Jared Refrew called Jane at CBI from the prostitute's phone, Minelli was there. Being one of the first people to know the location, higher the odds of having the guy killed. He was the one who tipped the team about the Taglafierro thing at the "His Red Right Hand" episode. They might be just throwing false bones to us, but... Anyway, Gregory Itzin is a hell of an actor, I'd love to see him as RJ.


I've gone back and re-watched all the Season 1 and Season 2 episodes on DVD, as I promised. Virgil cannot be Red John, unless the writers contort the story line to fit some as-yet-undreamed-of fantasy on their part. He really was sincere in his frustration at the politics necessary to do his job. As Greta says, it is not logical for him to transfer the case to Bosco and staff, and then kill them off to give it back to Lisbon and her crew. When Red John killed Bosco's secretary, the cops in the corridor there would have recognized him. They didn't. I have no way to review the previous episodes for this year, but the person who killed the students and picked up Jane's chair in the end of the previous season was not the hugely rotund and affectless man playing the intrusive cop in the most recent investigation. That figure cannot be hidden. I don't believe we have seen Red John yet.


You probably all think I'm mad but I think red john is definitely Ellis mars. Just everything about him was wrong. The mimicking of Jane was meaningful and knowledgeable. The body's positioning to catch Jane's eye. The grasping of control at the end from Jane back to RJ. The clue left in Mexico HE IS MAR. Maybe an unfinished HE IS MARS?? Plus the name Ellis mars is an anagram of las smiler. This translated from Spanish to English is, the smiler. RJ'S MO is the smiley face. Surly too much to be a coincidence?


Minelli is certainly not RJ as Greta mentioned, why would he be so cruel as to do that. RJ is someone that we haven;t seen except in Red Sky in the Morning and at then end of the Bosco episode when he kills Rebeccah, however, this guy could have been working for RJ. One can only suppose a group of men and women within the police hierarchy who are assuming vigilante postues and/or acts of redemption. Let the writers create and finesse their way into that maze.


I have a huge problem with Minelli being Red John. Why would Minelli assign the Red John case to Bosco and then kill Bosco and his team just so that Jane could have the case back?


I have a question, has anyone else notices that on this page showing the cast of the mentalist, Owain Yeoman is not included. Is this a tip that next year he will be the one found guilty of murdering Tom? Or has this always been the case.

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The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Santa would smell like reindeer and chimneys. This man smells like cheap whiskey.


Jane: So you took the whole Santa revelation badly.
Lisbon: Crushed my heart like a cigarette.