The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 38

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There was an interesting theme to many of this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest entries:

A lot of readers commented on the unusual, perhaps controversially fact that all African-American characters on the show are witches or warlocks. Because she was one of the first to do so, in a pithy manner, "christy" has won this week's contest.

Congratulations to that winner and thank you to everyone who participated. The winning submission is below.


Hey, you're black! You must be a witch.

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Bonnie: oh! You went to hogwarts! What's it like?
Luka: oh, its a once in a life time experience!
Jonus: well I visited forks!
Bonnie: oh... That's nice..


Bonnie: you serious? Sabrina the teenage witch is coming too?


Stare all you like honey, you won't find witches like me back at Hogwarts.


So, you are the vampire-hating Bennet witch?


So, your the vampire-hating Bennet witch?


Bonnie: You think you two are big bad witches because your noses don't bleed? I'm more bad ass then both of you because I roll with vampires.
Jonas: So do I
Bonnie: Yea but I roll with sexy vampires.. your vampire is just creepy!


Guy in beanie hat: Will anybody play a game of darts with me....please?!


Jonas to Bonnie: Oh look, you have the same lampshade-print outfit as my son, Luka.
Bonnie: Great!!! (Now I know how Gayle King and Alfre Woodard felt at the Tony awards....)


Jonas to Bonnie: Have you met my son?
Luka: Hi, I'm Luka.
Bonnie to Luka: Oh, don't have to get up..'
Luka: I am already standing up....
(Bonnie embarrassedly smiling at Jonas thinking:) This is awkward...


Meeting the Parents already Luka? Wow.

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