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We received over 100 entries for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest and have awarded the top prize to a user named "angel."

Granted, we weren't happy about this reader reminding us of the disappointing Lost finale, but we were amused by the concept of Stefan trying to explain it in the scene below to Caroline.

Check out the winning submission underneath the photos  and thanks to all that participated. Come back and play every week!

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Stefan: Okay, for the 51st time, this is what happened in the season finale of Lost.

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STEFAN:You're seriously telling me that the forest animals attacked you?
CAROLINE:Yeah, I was hunting for bunnies, like you taught me and then I saw all the forest animals running towards me and I started to freak out and I then I ran like hell.
STEFAN:OMG! I can't believe that Damon was right! Did you see any ninja turtles or zombies?


stefan: we've gone over this 50 times already
caroline: sorry but its so confusing, i just dont get it.
stefan: ok, for the 51st time, this is what happened in the season finale of lost


Stefan: Okay Caroline, now repeat after me one more time... Werewolves and Vampires are NOT friends!


Caroline: So I'm really getting into the whole Gossip Girl thing. Chuck is, like, insanely jealous of Nate and Blair, and he's drinking and sleeping around a lot, and Blair's desperately trying to ignore her feelings for him but it's SO obvious.... Stefan: Caroline--are you trying to tell me something?


Caroline: And, and then i killed him
Stefan: That must have sucked
Caroline: Yeah you have no idea


Caroline: Dont you see it? - i'm totaly Bella, the vampire girl and the wolf with a six-pack.. Stefan: ?..........


Stefan: Caroline no, no i'm serious
- you can't just switch to team Jacob, Caroline: But i love dogs.... Tyler is soo, i meen Jacob is so hot..


Caroline: I saw the Winchesters in town!
Stefan: You don't say!


Stefan: Caroline, you seriously have to STOP telling everyone our secret
Caroline: Just because I blow dry your hair every morning, doesn't mean theres anything wrong with you...
Stefan: OH YEA?...well then why did Elena just call me and say I was becoming a little fruity
Caroline: I don't know, maybe it's becuase you go for weekly manicures...
Stefan:.... maybe.....


Caroline: So...did you see the new episode of Gossip Girl"? Stefan: Please, I've been seen it.

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