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great ep luv damon i could watch him all day he is awesome.

ok so im confused :s is elijah a good/bad guy or is he just working his own angle?!

jeremey and bonnie r actually made 4 each other cos they are both as dumb as the other -bonnie u aint never gonna be powerful like ur gran to quote damon ur a 'semi-competent witch' loolz and can dey get rid of the weird witch chant hellooo i watched charmed 4 7yrs yeah and dey spoke english #justsayin

cant wait 4 next wks ep


crazy episode...crazy promo!
I loved they way Bonnie hold Jeremy in her arms when Stefan got him out of the tomb!


OMFG amazing episode.... and the promo for next episode???? Maybe it isn't real, maybe Katherine is just playing with his mind, a dream or something, like Damon did in the 1 season


You know, I feel sorry for Stefan, I really do. First he's boring, and about 90% of the fans want his girlfriend to end up with his "more interesting" brother while he's busy trying to make sure everybody stays alive.

Then, when he makes a heroic sacrifice to save Jeremy and traps himself in a tomb with his crazy ex, he's either a)laughed at by Delena shippers who are celebrating that their ship can now get together, or b) being yelled at by Stelena shippers for sleeping with Katherine even though it's the first reckless, complusive, Damon-esque thing we've seen him do, so you'd think people would be happy.

Poor Stefan. I don't care what he does, or who he does, so long as he ends up happy.


The show is so predictable. The writers really do give the best scenes and lines to Damon. Why don't they just change the name of the show to the Damon show. Can't wait for this show to get cancelled. So bored.


OMG STEFAN WHY R U KISSING/GETTING ON KATHERINE! I knew it was going to happen, but it still breaks my heart. I will always say Elena and Stefan NEED to be together. Also, is Elijah a good guy?? Is he protecting her? Because they said we need to keep her safe...


Ummmm did anyone catch the promo for next week? Katherine and STEFAN getting all sorts of hot and heavy?! Oh boy.....


"That right there was the biggest mistake you've ever made."


I honestly loved this episode. No complaints here. And I totally knew Katherine and Stefan would end up hooking up somehow. Wayyy to go. Now Elena is gonna go running to Damon for comfort. And you won't be there to do anything about it. Stefan being stuck in the tomb is the writer's way of getting Elena and Damon to grow further. Yayyy! :)


Great episode on all counts!

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