The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "By the Light of the Moon"

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For the midseason finale of such a typically thrilling show, "By the Light of the Moon" felt like a letdown.

The CW teased sex between Stefan and Katherine, whereas the true focus of the episode was on Tyler's transformation, as well as the return of Rose. What did our staff think of the installment? What are our hopes for the near future?

Find out in this edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt R: I enjoyed Damon's final interaction with Rose. Sorry, Delena Shippers, but it looks like he's developing legitimate feelings for another woman. Not that I can blame him. How cool is this "special" friend?!?

Steve M: The first time Elijah popped up on screen, behind Jenna. This guy has the best entrances of of any character on the show, don't you think?

Gabrielle C: Because the show was pretty "bleh" last night, I'll go with the most hot and heavy one: Katherine's implant dream into Stefans head. Hot!


Tyler's transformation: Totally awesome, or a total letdown?
Matt R: The scenes themselves? Very well-produced, directed and acted. But I was hoping the transformation would lead to something more than what we already knew: that Tyler is a werewolf who turns during a full moon.

Steve M: But it will lead someplace else, Matt. As teased by the cast, Caroline and Tyler will grow even closer now, which should make it interesting when he finds out she's been lying about how many vampires are in town.

Gabrielle C: Awesome. I think it was great effects, and it was hard to watch, as it should have been.

Do you trust Elijah?
Matt R: I do. Doesn't mean he's a good guy, as he's willing to kill innocents (RIP, Slater) in order to keep Elena's presence a secret from Klaus until the time is right... but that doesn't mean he can't also be true to his word in this instance. It does serve his agenda.

Steve M: I trust him to keep a fine head of hair on himself, that's for certain. Impressive stuff! But I wouldn't exactly put my life in his hands, no.

Gabrielle C: As of now, yes. He could have killed everyone by now, but he hasn't. For that reason alone, I trust him. He must have some serious beef with Klaus to want to beat him in all things.

Rose's wolf bite as a cliffhanger: OMG, or Oh, that's it?
Matt R: The latter because it wasn't presented in the proper, suspenseful context. Given a look at scenes from the January 27 episode, it's clear this werewolf bite will have HUGE ramifications, so they should have ended last night's episode with Rose frothing at the mouth or something. A mere look at the returning wound wasn't enough.

Steve M: Come on, fans. Every scene can't be head-turning or scream-inducing. This was the perfect cliffhanger because it raised the stakes of the werewolf/vampire feud and it made me wonder about the future: what does it mean for Damon to be "marked."

Gabrielle C: Not climatic enough, sorry. Just "that's it?" for me.

What are your hopes for the second half of the season?
Matt R: More of Katherine in black lingerie. More Alaric. Less of people calling him "Ric." And, finally, one more shocking death, with no offense intended to her character because she's perfectly nice, but also sort of useless: Jenna.

Steve M: I wanna see a musical episode! Just kidding, I'm sick of all shows thinking they need to go this route. I seriously have no complaints. Keep leaving me surprised each week and I'll keep tuning in.

Gabrielle C: I really hope they step it up. Rose's character can really be more interesting than they are letting it be, and I would have been much for satisfied if Stelena had gotten together at the end of "Masquerade."

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Alaric! (I know get the message that I have to say more than that, so: Alaric!)


You know what's really weird? I loved tonights episode.
Normally I would be so mad at the misleading statherine promos. Really dude? It was a dream thats it? How convieniant. How unfair! I mean a part of me knew that Stefan wouldn't cheat on Eleba until someone puts a gun on him (or a stake) so I knew it would be something very out of character and hard to beleive if happened but when it didn't I was all well OF COURSE it wasn't gonna. But stefan left leaving kat alone? Thats it? What happened to "That right there was your biggest mistake."
Also so cute when Damon grinned at Elena as she threw a cushion at him. I wanted more but in the end when I saw Damon happy with Rose I was smiling.
And I was smiling when he grabbed Rose with superhuman strength and they bantered. I was smiling when even despite the fact that he can't have Elena he was happy. And that smile vanished when Rose pulled back her robe. I don't see how that didn't leave you scared because the wound clearly meant one thing. It wasn't a rumor. And I feel terrible for Damon And Rose. Maybe he'll have to kill her to put her out of her misery.
Last time when Rose ran leaving Damon to the dogs (Elijah) I was so mad at her. And today when the dog bit her I feel so sad. It doesn't look pretty.
And while you guys clearly think that the werewolf scene was well acted but nothing special I really do disagree. Caroline keeps on blowing me away with her touching, adorable performance (when the truth is I'd even be content just forwarding to see Damon smirk). Today even the guy that plays Tyler impressed me. It was very sweet watching her try so hard to take care of him. I've all but forgotten about Matt. Cyler? Seem really cute together.
All in all I really enjoyed this episode. ( Despite no Statherine and Delena hints) This is so totally what is missing in Gossipgirl. Once upon a time I used to watch that show for something other than Chair. The thing is....while I definately not watch it Without Delena VD is really intruging all along. And I loved it.

Amy jackey

when jewels said damon is marked maybe that means all the lycans are going to come after him since he killed mason.


loved when Damon said i have vampire barbie on it and was teasing Elena about going outside.Hilarious!And i'm soooooooo happy that STELENA is back on.That reunion kiss was super cute.Cant wait for next episode!I really hope Tyler and Caroline get together and I felt so sad when he was in such pain turning.I just wanted to give him a huge hug.It looked really painful.That was great acting by Michael Trevino.Loved how Caroline stayed w/ him all the way through.


Core casts on any show don't live in a bubble. There has to be other people coming and going in their lives or it will be unrealistic and, let's face it: boring.


It was a good episode, but it should not have been the mid-season finale. My guess is that they intended this episode to be the first new episode AFTER the winter hiatus, since in past years the CW had aired 10 episodes on Thursday nights during the fall. That would explain the anticlimatic ending. The previous episode had a much better ending.


Favorite quote.. Damon: I have Vampire Barbie on it. When Jeremy asked who was on the werewolf thing.


My only concern is that we have all of the NEW characters and it will leave less and less space for amazing story lines of the main original cast. Please don't do this. We all know what happened to Gossip Girl b/c of sucks.

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