The Vampire Diaries Video: Sneak Peek at "By the Light of the Moon"

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As multiple Vampire Diaries spoilers have revealed, there will be a number of twists, turns and cliffhangers on the show's midseason finale, "By the Light of the Moon."

But one thing we know for certain: Tyler will undergo his first transformation into a werewolf.

Caroline will help him prepare for this monumental, painful event, as teased below. Check out a clip of this burgeoning couple doing everything it can to keep Tyler and those around him safe.

Now, go watch the official preview for "By the Light of the Moon" and ask yourself: No way Stefan really hooks up with Katherine... right?!?

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TYLER & CAROLINE - OMG best new couple :)
elena and stefan aren't together so a hot katherine/stefan scene is most welcome considering this may bring more Delena scenes, I look forward to it ;p


oh my God! Please get naked.. Tyler-licious!


OMG i hope so to tyler is so sexy and don't play caroline you know you want to look. besides you two would look hot together. GO CAROLINE AND TYLER!!


You don't have to look Caroline. WE will do that for you XD


God i hope he does!!!
steferine sex!!! yamm


Vampire Diaries Quotes

He's your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes.

Klaus [to Caroline]

Stefan Salvatore. Why Stefan? Why didn't you go for Damon? Or do you enjoy them both? Like Katherine did.