TV Fanatic Mid-Season Report Card: Glee 12/23/2010

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With our favorite prime time shows on hiatus, TV Fanatic is taking a look back at some buzzed-about programs and grading their performance this fall, with a look toward 2011.

Earlier, we examined House. Up now: Glee.

Best episode: "The Substitute." Gwyneth Paltrow simply radiated excitement and energy throughout this hour. The one drawback? It made me wish Holly Holiday was the leader of New Directions instead of Will. But it also showcased Glee at its best: great songs, funny lines and sheer fun.

Sectionals Song

Worst episode: "Britney/Brittany." This wasn't a showcase for storylines or characters. It just served as an excuse to feature a few Britney Spears songs. It came across like a shallow, paid advertisement for the pop star.

Best character: Brittany. She's done the impossible, out Sue Sylvestering Sue Sylvester in terms of the best
one-liners from the season. Aside from cracking us up with her belief that "adultery" means acting like "a dolt," though, Brittany also caused us to tear up with her adorable sensitivity, as best evidenced in the Christmas episode.

Worst character: Will Schuester. It's hard to see where they're really going with Will. He creeped us out with his quasi stalking of Emma and he spends every episode lecturing the students. But can you blame them for not always listening to someone whose own life is such a mess?

Best performance: It's too difficult to choose between so many incredibly-sung renditions ("Teenage Dream" and "Le Jazz" would likely top that list), so gonna go with "Valerie" from Sectionals here. Seriously, I could watch Brittany and Asia Mike dance around on stage for hours.

Best cast addition: Sam and Blaine (tie). Sorry, can't choose between these stud muffins. All I can say is that their presence makes me hopeful that all will be okay when various characters graduate in 2012.

Hopes for 2011: Fewer societal messages, more focus on relationship developments. When Glee tackles an issue such as religion or homosexuality within the context of well-written, planned-out storylines, it can have an affect like no show on television.

But when it tries too hard to hammer certain points home (e.g. bullying), it comes across like a PSA that doesn't ever treat characters as human beings, but just as message-delivering props.

Overall grade: B.

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Ok, here are, my "Best and Worst" for the half of the season: Best episode: Never been kissed. The songs were great, I love all the performance. Some people say is preachy episode, but it was necessary giving the circumstances of teen suicides, so I think it was great for a big tv show to tackle the issue right away. Great. Worst episode: The Substitute. I love the character Holy Holiday, it was the choice of actress I didn’t, sorry but right now Glee can cast the best vocal talents out there, and to cast someone who is just ok for this role (seriously, Rachel needed someone better for her performance of the Chicago number). The Umbrella cover was awful, I hate it so much, it just killed the song for me. The "Forget you" cover was cool, but they could give the part to a great voice. Ryan Murphy, stop casting friends and start casting great talent like the kids you discovered!!!! Best solo song: "Listen". Comeback Sunshine Corazon, why you're not there!!!!!!!!!!!!I loved the performance, I was like "Rachel you've been murder so bad". Worst duet: Lucky. I hated it, it was boring, Sam is boring, and I hate the JB haircut. Best song by a group: Teenage Dream. It was better than the original by farrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I'm sorry Katy, but I started liking this song because of Darren's cover. It doesn't hurt the fact that Darren is so freaking charming, but even just hearing the song without watching the video it was great! Worst song by a group: Umbrella. They just killed a great pop song, I can't hear it again, is dead to me. Best duo song: Baby, its cold outside. Yes it is, it was great. Darren Criss is not gay but his chemistry with Colfer's character is more believable than all the other romances on the show. Best addition to the show: Darren Criss. They should make a spin-off with the Dalton Academy. Worst Addition to the show: Sam. I liked his "Billionaire" cover but he is just boring, maybe is the JB haircut, I don't know, his boring, he should have an encounter with Puck because of Quinn, but it never happened. Even Puck didn't care about him enough to punch him. Best moment: Burt and Carol's weeding vows. They really made me cry, sorry!!!! And I have to add the OMG performance of Valerie, now I'm in love with Santana. Worst moment: every G. Paltrow moment, sorry. Best new character: Blaine, give him more lines and plots, even if they’re not with Kurt. Worst new character: Sam, look for someone else, he is boring, or change his haircut!!!!! Best character: Bad Rachel, Rachel from "Audition" episode, that’s the best Rachel, bad Rachel!!!!!! Worst character: Can you just kill William S. and put someone else for the Glee kids. He is sooooooooooooooo boring, more then Sam and that’s a lotttttttttttttt. Change William S. for someone else please he is just boring. Best Sue moment: Sue as the Grinch with Becky, it was great i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Worst Sue moment: Sue marring herself, i get she loves herself, but that was just ridiculous for someone as intelligent as Sue.


For me, the best episode of the season was "Never Been Kissed", the performances were great, no t just the Katy Perry cover, but the others too. For me it was a great episode, I was kind of forgetting about Glee, but this episode took me back to the good days of Glee.


I like the fact that the storylines have been revolving around Kurt. I think that Kurts story is more important because he's an inspiration to people everywhere he's proud of who he is which speaks to a lot of people. My bestfriend came out because of Kurt. But that's just my opinion.


A few more things I forgot to add. I would love for Finchel to sing at regionals. Although Sam and Quinn were awesome a sectionals, for me Finchel will always be the best and they just need to stick with them. Also I would like everybody to stop being all concerned about Kurts bullying and then turn around and bully Rachel. How is that right? If they are going to stick up for one member of Glee club like that and support one person then they need to do it for everybody. If anything its worse for Rachel because Kurt was being bullied by a guy he didn't know where as Rachel is being bullied by people that she considers teammates and friends. People that she thinks she can count on but instead they are just making fun of her and saying they want to punch her whenever she opens her mouth. I would also like there to be less Kurt story lines. I love Kurt, I think he's awesome but episodes lately have revolved all around him.


I have to disagree on a few things. Best Episode: Duets, first of all it was a great episode because it wasn't a themed one, it focused mostly on the characters and all the songs in it were pretty great. I totally disagree on the fact that The Substitute was the best episode. I'd say its up there with Brittany/Britney. Mostly because they brought in this guest star and then the whole episode was focused on her, there was barley anything in it that was about the kids and for me thats the reason I watch the show, I dont watch it for guest stars that are only going to be there for one or two episodes. Although I did like it because for once Will wasn't there which was like a blessing, it was still a pretty bad episode, in my eyes. Hopes for 2011: My only hope is that Finn and Rachel get back together.


I guess I'm in the minority, but I actually enjoyed Brittany/Britney. I thought it was fun. No it didn't have nuch in terms of character development, but it DID introduce John Stamos :) Also, I thought Grilled Cheesus was the worst piece of crap to come along all season, if not in the entire series. Every time they try to do one of these big "episodes with a message" I just cringe, but this was definitely the worst one in my opinion. I loved the Substitute; I've actually never been a huge Gwyneth Paltrow fan (nothing against her, just not obsessed) but I definitely enjoyed her guest spot! I agree with the Will assessment--it seems like the more they try to "develop" him the worse his character gets. I say get him back together with Terri and call it a day, at least that way we don't have to watch yet another marriage destroyed for a plot device. Overall it's still entertaining enough to watch if I have nothing else to do, but I'm no longer making sure I'm parked in front of the TV when it airs.


Okay best episode has got to be 'The Substitute'. It brought the fun back into Glee that's been missing since S1. The performances were great, the lines were funny and great line up of songs. The worst episode is hands down 'Britney/Brittany'. I mean come on! The episode DID NOT MAKE SENSE! Why was Britney even there? She was playing herself who was suddenly a student and a cheerleader at MH? WTF???!!! Was it really necessary for her to appear on the show? We already had to endure an entire CD of her songs and music videos being redone. STUPID and BORING!!! Sue is the best character. She still cracks me up! Worst character so far is Will. Really don't know what going on with him half the time. The writers really need to make up their minds about what to do with him. He's starting to be really pathetic. Best performance is a tie between 'Singing In The Rain/Umbrella' and 'Baby It's Cold Outside'. 'Singing In Rain/Umbrella' was completely different and totally AWESOME! I just LOVED IT! Kurt and Blaine were just all sorts of cuteness in 'Baby It's Cold Outside'. Bieste is the best addition to the show. She's funny with a heart of gold. Love her. Sam is BORING! Too much of a Justin Beiber WANNABE. SERIOUSLY!!! Hopes for 2011: Oh God, where to start?! Having STORYLINES other than Kurt's would be a nice change! Also CONTINUITY would be great. Will & Emma SL coz right now I don't care for them because there's nothing about them. Tone down Santana and Quinn's (mainly Santana) bitchiness. Finn to GET OFF his high horse and get OVER himself. FINCHEL to SING in Regionals. Kurt & Blaine together! Jesse & Holly Holiday to COME BACK! Picking the right people to sing, 'Time of Your Life' was AWFUL!!! So far, this season has been dull, apart from a couple of outstanding episodes (mainly 'The Substitute' & 'Rocky Horror') that really can't save the CRAP that the writers have come up with. I still have hope for the rest of the season though.


I should have said the best new cast addition was a tie between Bieste and Blaine (forgot Bieste, dunno how, was new).


'The Substitute' is sooo not the best episode (seriously Gwyneth could not be more overrated!!!).
Best episode was either 'Grilled Cheesus' (if you ignore Finn being an moron) or 'A Very Glee Christmas' (if you ignore the first sickly song as they decorated the tree). Worst episode was 'Britney/Brittany' (so sad that she had to beg for the episode, and it also included the only song Lea Michele hasn't bettered, and in fact ruined, which was quite a shock and saddening event) Worst character was either Will or Finn. Both have become total jerks this season, can't stand either of them any more Best performance was Rachel's 'Papa Can You Hear Me?' It was so epically haunting, still gives me chills whenever I hear it Best cast addition was easily Blaine. I liked Sam for about two episodes before he turned into Finn mark II and became annoying Hopes for 2011 are that people stop bullying Rachel (total hypocrites) and Finn becomes a decent person again and worthy of her, cos right now it should be HIM trying to win her back not the other way round. Also that Santana justifies why she has become such a cold calculating bitch with no redeeming qualities or redeems herself. Also that Mercades gets some more songs as she's been VERY underused this season so far (would love to see her duet with Artie more, their voices go so well together but they rarely duet). Coach Biest featuring more against Sue (started so well having them pitted against each other but it'd be great if Biest could win more). And lastly that Brittany and Santana do NOT get back together (because of Sanatana being so evil and Brittany being so sweet with Artie).


you know, i actually loved britney/brittany. i liked the fantasies, and i liked they did something different. people are weird about this preachy thing. the only character ive found preachy is will, and i find it REALLY annoying how they're all so horrible to rachel. i was watching first season, and she was so nice to quinn. it would be nice if she could return the favour. i love glee, but i don't like the hypocracy. it's not ok to be mean to kurt, but teachers are allowed to yell at rachel, and students actually bully her? i didn't like the finale because time of my life SUCKED

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