TV Fanatic Presents: The Top TV Couple of 2010!

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We asked, and TV Fanatic readers responded in droves.

Twice over the last few days, we polled fans for the answer to one of the year's most pressing questions: Who was the best TV couple of 2010?

The responses poured in, ranging from votes for long-time married pairings to duos that finally connected this fall, following seasons of build-up. In the end, only three couples earned at least 30% of the vote. We've listed them in a final poll below.

Friends and Co-Workers
Oh It's Gonna Happen
Slow Dance

Fans of House, The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, have at it!

Once and for all: Who was your favorite TV couple of 2010?

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Its bin a rough year 4 Stelena bt dey have pulld my vote is 4 them.


I don't like this list because BONES and BOOTH are not on it. Is it because nobody can think up a cute couple name for them? They ARE the best couple on TV. Oh wait, maybe it's because they are not an official couple... I guess I did not think of that. But I automatically thought of them when the word, "couple" was mentioned.


Chuck and Blair
2010 Best couple = Addison and Sam !!! AddiSam !!!


I'm sorry, but House harrassing and running after his boss has always been a part of him and the show, their giving in to their feelings hasn't changed anything, he's still a bastard.


Wow Chuck and Blair all the way.


Huddy?! LMAO That's merely a crappy pairing that is ruining a once amazing show. Don't watch any of the others so I vote for NONE.


Chuck and Blair!


Stefan and Elena in 2010? The best couple? They were mostly broken up. LOL


Yay, teenage power! Only those kids from Glee are missing.


How did Stelena get into the top 3? Last time I checked almost everyone on this site was all about Delena.