TV Fanatic Presents: The Top TV Couple of 2010!

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We asked, and TV Fanatic readers responded in droves.

Twice over the last few days, we polled fans for the answer to one of the year's most pressing questions: Who was the best TV couple of 2010?

The responses poured in, ranging from votes for long-time married pairings to duos that finally connected this fall, following seasons of build-up. In the end, only three couples earned at least 30% of the vote. We've listed them in a final poll below.

Friends and Co-Workers
Oh It's Gonna Happen
Slow Dance

Fans of House, The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl, have at it!

Once and for all: Who was your favorite TV couple of 2010?

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Really? Stelena made the top three out of all those couples. Oh well, Chair go kick some but.


Yeah I still vote for MerDer always if I had to choose out of these three it would be Chair.


Wow. Okay, that's a terrible ultimatum to make. I vote for none of the above.