Upcoming Gossip Girl Episode Titles, Air Dates 12/15/2010

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Here's a list of the next five Gossip Girl episodes and their air dates. The schedule is pretty straightforward, with the show airing five straight Mondays when it returns January 24.

As always, the episode names are great for speculation ... and laughs:

Episode 4.12, January 24: "The Kids Are Not All Right"
Episode 4.13, January 31: "Damien Darko"
Episode 4.14, February 7: "Panic Roommate"
Episode 4.15, February 14: "It-Girl Happened One Night"
Episode 4.16, February 21: "While You Weren't Sleeping"

Bad News Damien

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Maybe someone has written all this, but this is what I think: The Kids Are Not All Right: Serena and Chuck are trying to keep Lily from selling Bass Industries. I am sure that blackmail is involved. I also think that Jack will be back. Damien Darko: It´s obviously something about Damien, maybe you will get to know him better. Panic Roomate: I think that Blair and Dan maybe kisses each other and somehow Serena finds out and she has still feelings for Dan so she gets mad. It-Girl Happened One Night: It´s about Serena I think. Maybe some boarding school flashbacks? Or others. While You Weren´t Sleeping: I hope it´s about Chair! Maybe Chuck realize that he is about to loose Blair and he will come to his senses and tell Blair what he feels.


4.16 will most likely be the last episode until march, remebed there's always that break whether it's a long one or short one so it finished by may...


I can't wait! I'm excited just from the episode titles!! I don't want Dair to happen, but I wouldn't mind if there was just one kiss to make Chuck jealous.


And there's 22 episodes. While You Weren'tSleeping isn't the season finale.


It-Girl Happened One Night is a Valentine's Day episode


So how many episodes this season has then?


While you were sleeping isn't the season finale


"The Kids Are Not All Right"
- It's about Chuck and his new girlfriend (ewwww..) and ofcourse about the whole 'against-Lily' thing with Serena. If Dair is happening in this episode (EWWWWW!) then the name of this episode is perfect!
"Damien Darko"
- I think this episode is about Damien ja Jenny. I hope Jenny's coming back in this episode, and i hope there's some heat with Damien. They're such a cute couple!
"Panic Roommate"
- Something about Serena and Blair. I think Serena's freaking out for some reason. And I hope we see more from Ben!
"It-Girl Happened One Night"
- Definetly about Jenny, maybe her social position is rising once again. Or maybe it's more Serena with her flashbacks, which would be great too!
"While You Weren't Sleeping"
- The last episode, so who knows! Gossip Girl's season finale's are always great and full of suprises! But once again, i hope that Dair is just a stupid rumour, and they are not happening! I would like to see Blair and Daimien happening :) Hands up for Blaimien! (But ofcourse, in the end, it has to be Chair!)


For some reasons, I get the feeling that It-Girl happened one night is about Jenny.
Because there was a spin off series of Gossip Girl, called It Girl, and it was all about Jenny. I dunno.
Even though I love Taylor, I hope she gets her act together, because JEnny has potential to be a great character, but her getting suspended from Gossip Girl and fighting with her co-workers isn't cool.
Maybe Jenny meets up with Damien again ;) PS> I VOTE YES FOR: Dan & Blair (but in the end it has so be
Chair), Nate and Jenny. And I don't care about Serena. She's just annoying. xoxo.


While you were sleeping is that Sarah Bullock movie where she falls in love with a guy while her man is in coma -- so it could be about Chuck realizing that he lost / he's about to loose Blair to another guy (while he wasn't sleeping, obviously, just stupid and blind) and you know what guy I'm talking about :) - but I guess once he realizes he'll fight like the man we want him to be, let's hope so.

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