White Collar to Flashback, Feature Music Box Intel, A Mustache

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White Collar returns to USA with new episodes on January 18.

Star Matt Bomer has already promised fans many answers in the new year, and it appears as if many may come on the second installment of 2011.

As previewed by Tim DeKay to E! News, "Forging Bonds" will give viewers a look at the past and how that affects the present. In the flashback episode, the actor teases:

"You'll learn how Peter and Neal met, you'll learn more about what's behind the music box and who's pulling all the string - what the music box opens up and what you see and what comes about from that, it's pretty awesome. It's priceless."

Oh, and Peter will be wearing a mustache during these scenes. Really! See for yourself:

With a Mustache!

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Oh My God. He SHOULDN'T have a mustache. Though, if the mustache provides Mozzie living, keep it.


Yay! Kate returns in the flashback. I was sooo angry they killed her, what a cop out.


i cant believe i ran into the set of white collar near my school! they were filming the second part of season 2 and peter revealed to us that mozzie lives! :D


please bring Mozzie back we don't want him to die

Harriet miller

Not a moustache! Oh my.


I can't wait for it.....but it will be sad with out Mozzie...I was heartbroken!


Oh I cannot wait for the new season, although it is going to be hard not to laugh at the mustache... Peter (TIM) you will always be my favorite... facial hair or not

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