Who Should Play Klaus on The Vampire Diaries?

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The Vampire Diaries has set the bar high.

As the oldest, most bad ass vampire in the history of time, Klaus' legend precedes him - and means casting him will be a very tall order for TVD producers.

According to new reports, a face has not yet been assigned to this mysterious character, one intimidating enough to make even Damon "shake in his boots."

Elena and Elijah

You think THIS guy's scary ...

Per Ian Somerhalder, "[Klaus] is the most powerful. A guy you don't want to be in a room with. Ever. In order to kill these guys [the originals], there's such a process."

Same goes for casting them. Elijah is fairly hard core, and if Klaus is supposedly much more so ... wow. Who do you think should play this ultimate blood-sucker?

Moreover, how and when should he be introduced? Should he remain shrouded in mystery for multiple years, a la Jacob on Lost, supremely influential but never seen?

Discuss below!

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Watching Nip-Tuck an actor with worth self-diplomacy and experience should have a role such as this


As a fan of Julian Mcmahon he should be cast as the Vampire Klaus.. more ratings than its awesome usual and stout.. Would be a clever casting move


Derek Jacobi: who played Alexander Corvinus-the Father of them all in Underworld movies? Vincent Perez:who played Marius-from Queen of the Damned? either
of them could play a great Klaus...
both played very Ancient characters


i have always thougght of chord over street (with blonde hair not brown) as klaus .... i dont no why though


Maybe Klaus has been there the whole time... (that would mean fake casting though... uhm). I think it would be great if Alaric (Matt Davis) turns out to be Klaus. Does anybody remember a scene where Alaric meets Katherine or Elijah?? I don't think they have ever been in the same place at the same time.


I would be very happy if Tom Hardy took that part.


I Think Jason Dohring would be the best Klaus. He has already played a vampire in another tv show(Moonlight). He could make Klaus awesome.


Great idea Vanessa Sirard, Ben Barnes would be a really good choice for the part of Klaus.


I suggesed to Julie Plec actor Ben Barnes via twitter.. he's the guy that plays Prince Caspian and Dorian Grey. I find he has that sexy charming evil english look going on ..and if u think about it, its someone i see Katherine fall in love with when she met him in London b4 she was turned. He fits perfectly the description of 20-30s handsome, charming, smart yet more evil then damon and elijah. He could also play that type of guy that u don't suspect anything but he could turn out to be a complete psycho killer.


All you guys are picking all these feature film stars that make millions a film. The highest paid actor on TVD is Somerhalder at 40k and episode. None of these guys are going to take that part for chump change. It's got to be somebody on TV or was on TV earning a TV salary. The part was imagined based on Rutger Hauer. it's a shame the guy has to be so young because if you want a bad@ss you got to get one of the top bad@sses in cinema, and Hauer was it for a long time. I do know one thing. The casting choices have made this show what it is.. One wrong choice will be a disaster. I hope these guys find somebody good.

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