Who Was the Top TV Couple of 2010?

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Whether they are fighting, kissing or getting married via Post-It, nothing on television can capture the interest of viewers as well as a well-written couple.

Over the last 12 months, we've watched as some break-ups created outrage, some weddings resulted in tears and a lot of banter led to a great deal of laughter.

Below, the TV Fanatic staff has compiled a list of our favorite television couples from 2010. Read through them all and then cast your vote...

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy: No way would anyone call her Mrs. Shepherd or refer to her as the Chief's wife, but of this, no one can dispute: their union, sealed by a Post-It, has been a joy to watch in its new state of domestic bliss.

Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl: Chemistry. Chair has it like few other TV couples. Because he's got so much baggage, there will be twists, turns, war games and full-on hate sex. But no matter what confusing circumstances are thrown their way, or what their relationship status is that week, this twosome steals every scene.

Anybody Got a Piano?
Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth, Bones: We know: they aren't together romantically. He's even dating the gorgeous Hannah. But a recent epiphany by Brennan signaled that she may finally realize what she let fall by the wayside last year, a knight in shining armor who's been in front of her this entire time. Go get him, Bones. Go get him.

Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, NCIS: Some fans want to see Tiva as a couple, while others want things to remain as they are. Everyone agrees that these two click on screen in wildly entertaining fashion, with unresolved sexual tension lingering beneath the surface.

Twisted Bones
Tony and Ziva at the Border

Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries: Plagued by more danger than any other pairing, they've stuck together through thick, thin, witches, warlocks and werewolves. But the one obstacle many fans actually hope becomes too much for Stelena? The latter's brother, Damon.

Phil and Claire Dunphy, Modern Family: One is a goof, the other is neurotic. But this married couple complements each other as well as any twosome on TV - and they're raised a trio of absolutely hilarious kids.

Shocking Development
Hilarious Couple

Rick Castle and Kate Beckett, Castle: Most of what we wrote about Brennan and Booth applies here, as well. These two co-workers aren't actually dating, but - spoiler alert! - it looks like they will be.

Chuck Bartowski and Sarah Walker, Chuck: After enduring three seasons worth of will-they-or-won't-they moments, along with plenty of Shaws and Hannahs in the way, these two finally settled into a no-drama, all ass-kicking relationship.

A Deadly Affair Scene
More of Chuck and Sarah


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Where is House and Cuddy? #Huddy


wow.. they named castle and beckett as KICK?!?!? we usually call them Caskett!!!


May fav show is Vampire Diaries, and I LOVE Stelena so it's an easy one for me :-)

Heartbeatsgreen chlollie bigfan

C'mon!! No Chlollie ?? Are you kind me??


Merder : the most annoying thing seen in a show ! Basically the show would run better without meredith (Derek is doing better with the all arc : christina rehabilitation) !


I have a feeling that had Elena and Damon got together, there'd be no need for this list at all xD I wish they'd just get Mark and Lexie together, let Blair and Chuck be the awesome, evil couple they were meant to be, and allow Delena to get over their sexual tension, it's becoming difficult to watch. Strangely enough I feel the same about Stefan and Katherine - same actress, completely different vibe between them; I suppose all VD relationships need a dose of danger, otherwise they seem unnatural. So I'll just vote for Blair and Chuck and pray the writers get their act together before they ruin Chair forever -.-


c'mon where's House and Cuddy? they got together this year for crying out loud!


none of the above, my favorite TV couples are Puckleberry, Addisam and Delena


Clois!! That was my top couple of 2010!! =)


From these choices, definitely MerDer. Everything they've gone through just makes them amazing. Although I've recently been disappointed with the lack of development on their story in the current season but I'm hoping more is given to them soon. Also definitely love Chuck and Blair. And I'm disappointed that Charlotte and Cooper from Private Practice aren't here cause they're my personal favorite.