Will Mia Kirshner Return to The Vampire Diaries?

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On the midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries, Stefan asked Katherine to prove that she's worth loving. Or at least not killing.

Her response was an attempt to help Stefan protect Elena and it boiled down to this: follow up on Isobel.

Return of Isobel

Does this mean Mia Kirshner will soon reprise her role as Elena's birth mother? It sounds that way, based on what producer Julie Plec told TV Guide:

"Isobel has a lot of information and will continue to be useful for that information," executive producer Julie Plec tells us. "Where she is right now, what she's doing and whose side she's on - those questions start to get asked very soon."

If Isobel does return, she might be reunited with an ex-lover. It's already been confirmed that David Anders will appear in 2011 as Uncle Father John.

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Dang...i didnt like her when she first came up in season 1..but if she carries all that info. then yea i mean shes useful for the show AND Elena,Damon,and Stefan...damn...its already the 7th and it's felt like an eternity AND we still need 20 more days:( but CAN'T WAIT!!!


I been trying to answer this question myself,, so excited that Mia/Isobel will be back and that father john as well. Can't wait for jan. to see more TVD!!!


Can you say Excited!! Cannot wait


Can't wait for her return! When Isobel and Damon were making out it steamed up the TV. She is the kind of woman Damon should be with. Not his little brothers girlfriend.


Isobel can't break the curse. Only Elena can because she's the doppleganger and she's a human. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Isobel though. I can tell so much more is gonna unfold because of her.


@little angel
but isobel is a vampire so it wouldnt work it needs to be a human sacrife and the person needs to be a doppleganger and isobel isnt


As for the cursed to be broken, the original vampires need to kill anyone from Katherine's biological family, a way to spare Elena's life would be to give Isobel to Klaus, right? I know it's really cruel and everything but isn't the reason why Isobel is hiding?


Yes. She will be returning so I cannot wait.

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