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On this week's episode of 90210, two main characters continued down their path of utter unlikability, while the show set a new standard in speedy storytelling.

Let's start with the latter first: last week, Liam gave Annie a big speech about how they couldn't be together because he didn't wanna mess things up with Charlie. Fast forward to "It's Getting Hot in Here." Annie dumps Charlie; he discovers she likes Liam; he sends Annie a text message from Liam and helps these two get together, just as he happens to jet off to Paris for a semester.

That sure was tidy, fast and convenient! Can Lannie fans actually celebrate now? Or should they await the next contrived obstacle that will break these two up for a couple hours again?

At a Retreat

Elsewhere, no viewer can defend Navid at this point. I'm sorry. I know the show tries to paint him as nice, confused guy, but you can't escape the bottom line: he slept with one of his girlfriend's best friends.

Silver is also to blame here, but she was at least in a hazy state of mind. Who among us has not done some questionable things after spending awhile in a sweat lodge?

Conversely, I'm actually happy to see Adrianna continue down her evil path. I've always said the series needs more antagonists, and it's nice to finally have a pair in Adrianna and Emily. More kudos most be passed along for bringing back the adoption storyline.

It's safe to say that continuity isn't 90210's strong suit (remember Jasper anyone? What about Harry's other son?), so even if Adrianna's devolution seems over-the-top and unrealistic, at least the show is using a major event from her past to propel her desperate schemes to the next level.

Naomi as some sort of transformed, spiritual individual also has potential. But let's see how long it lasts.

No Ivy this week. She was probably coming up with more excuses for why she can't surf. Does anyone else want to see her and Dixon give it another try? The poor guy really needs something to do aside from talk about his man boobs (in one of the show's more forced attempts at humor) and get excited over Friday night dinner with his mom.

What did everyone else think of the episode?


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emily is a phsyco she needs to leave. i find it really hard to believe that naomi and ade would believe emily over annie. come on. liam needs to be the bad boy again hes not as interesting when hes good. i mean whta happened to season 1 liam? i could care less about teddy and adrianna. but where was ivy i love her! Also she and dixon need to get back together because they are so cute together plus it will give them both a story line. i hope liam turns annie bad


I really like Emily now and Silver/Navid are seriously pissing me off


I would rather a fight between two characters on canvas then bringing in a new one. Too many characters not enough story. On the acting front - Even stroup and wilds two of the best actors didn't seem convincing last episode. I don't think their hearts are in it. If RRK had brains she would kill off three characters - navid, ade, teddy. Maybe a murder suicide deal and lead them into college with less people. This cult thing with Naomi is redundant - she already got ripped off by her sister. Mccord constantly overacting every scene is hard to watch. Grimes isn't the best actor on the show but she is not the worse and she has gotten better since season 1.


Honestly I don't get it. Silver and navid odd couple and ugh her hair its like having sex with another man. Annie and liam are sooo cute :) just he gotta be more of a bad boy ;) emily is just annoying ...make her leave! Charlie I feel bad for him, I thought I'd walk in and catch them make out.... He got a good heart but I wouldn't stay with either of them if I were her.. Even if I got hurt. Poor charlie. And ade I have a feeling she's selling off her kid to make more money... And navid wow I'm just discusted mr I would never cheat bullshit he got back what ade did in season 2-3... First off teddy is gay... 2nd ade didn't wanna keep doing it. Unintentional. She should have stayed with javier maybe he wouldn't die and she'd still be famous idk.... Still wow and I'm excited what happens to naomi she's turning too good.... She better not turn into annie...annie is the boringest lead I hope liam gives her some edge...


I still want believe silver. Just because adrianna is being an annoying bitch it doesn't mean silver should be a baackstabbing bitch. Don't get mr started on Navid ! He needs to grow a pair and break up with Adrianna.


I read the comments about Emily. I disagree with them. Emily is actually sweet and comes from Kansas where she idolized 90210 type of people. I feel bad for her. She just wants to be accepted by them and she doesn't know how to other than to emulate them. (To be honest, I come from a small town and used to be in her position and understand what she's going through.) So, give Emily some slack. Right?




@chrisea34, i agree with u... i don't think the girls would believe the new girl... i thought they were annie's friends. this season is really trying to be more like season 1... i mean, annie vs naomi again?, ade's baby? jasper just got caught by the police or something... no need to get into that anymore.


We can hardly say that what was Navid did was so bad in comparison to what Annie did- yes he did sleep with a best friend of his girlfriend- but it is totally different than sleeping with your boyfriend's brother. Additionally, it shouldn't be considered different because Adrianna is a show regular and Charlie is not.


isn't anyone totally freeked out about cousin Emily girl!!!! I totally am! She is like a Kelly clone!!!!! Thats the scary part, forget the story!!!!! and the story is totally a rip off of the old 90210! boring!!!! love annie and liam finally together! THey have great chemistry! And the build up of silver and Navid is AMAZING!!!! I love a good story!

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