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On this week's episode of 90210, two main characters continued down their path of utter unlikability, while the show set a new standard in speedy storytelling.

Let's start with the latter first: last week, Liam gave Annie a big speech about how they couldn't be together because he didn't wanna mess things up with Charlie. Fast forward to "It's Getting Hot in Here." Annie dumps Charlie; he discovers she likes Liam; he sends Annie a text message from Liam and helps these two get together, just as he happens to jet off to Paris for a semester.

That sure was tidy, fast and convenient! Can Lannie fans actually celebrate now? Or should they await the next contrived obstacle that will break these two up for a couple hours again?

At a Retreat

Elsewhere, no viewer can defend Navid at this point. I'm sorry. I know the show tries to paint him as nice, confused guy, but you can't escape the bottom line: he slept with one of his girlfriend's best friends.

Silver is also to blame here, but she was at least in a hazy state of mind. Who among us has not done some questionable things after spending awhile in a sweat lodge?

Conversely, I'm actually happy to see Adrianna continue down her evil path. I've always said the series needs more antagonists, and it's nice to finally have a pair in Adrianna and Emily. More kudos most be passed along for bringing back the adoption storyline.

It's safe to say that continuity isn't 90210's strong suit (remember Jasper anyone? What about Harry's other son?), so even if Adrianna's devolution seems over-the-top and unrealistic, at least the show is using a major event from her past to propel her desperate schemes to the next level.

Naomi as some sort of transformed, spiritual individual also has potential. But let's see how long it lasts.

No Ivy this week. She was probably coming up with more excuses for why she can't surf. Does anyone else want to see her and Dixon give it another try? The poor guy really needs something to do aside from talk about his man boobs (in one of the show's more forced attempts at humor) and get excited over Friday night dinner with his mom.

What did everyone else think of the episode?


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Annies cousin should get dropkicked in the face! And HARD!
Adrianna needs to get bitchslapped!
and guru sona is a golddigger!! Haha maybe I need some yoga retreat as well!


I'm really enjoying the Silver/Navid pairing and I do NOT feel sorry for Adrianna AT ALL. She's a selfish fame **ore. It is disgusting that she would try to get her baby back just to get money & bad publicity. That child would be way better off with the family it's with now. I was sad to see Charlie go. I love Evan Ross. If you don't like him, watch ATL. Also lets give Dixon a good story. Preferably one that does not include Ivy.


I really think the yoga camp people are after Naomi's money.


I really liked this episode. I was SO happy that we didn't have to see "surfer dude Ivy". She's the worst. LOVED the Annie/Liam reconnect.


Yh bring back sixon cheers


The whole Annie sotryline is just a repeat of what happend in season 1? I stil lhavent forgiven Naomi for what she did to Annie, Its a little to soon for those two to be at it again and still Annie hasnt done anything wrong. And yeah the Charlie thing was pretty anticlimatic, I was actually hoping to see Charlie aiming a gun at them or somethin and when he wasnt i was left dissapointed. Thanks for sabotaging Lannie. On the plus side Shenae grimes has apparantly gone to some acting lessesons over the mid season break she was pretty good.


I liked this episode a lot. I found it surprising and things actually happened. It makes us wonder about new storylines. What I hated about last week is that we didn't even made a move forward. I also hate how the girls get angry and bitchy at each other. I know it may be realistic but really ?? Oh Adrianna we can't stand you ! Oh sweetie, come in my arms... Annie stop hurting Emily. Pff they act like sheeps no one trying to stand for what they think or relying on their friend instead of believing the new girl that flattered them. Be strong people !!


Is it just me or is Adrianna the best Developed character on this show? Like I totally believe she would do all those terrible things given how she was in the past. And she doesn't deserve what silver and navid are doing to her or what her ex- manager did to her in the last episode. I just think she should lose her fame for what she did and regain it on her own without stealing music from dead guys. I like lannie but only when Liam is a bad ass when he's not they're just BORING! Bring back bad ass Liam! Whatever did happen to Jasper after season 2 ended? I Want to know bring him back for one episode only please! ONE episode! Dixon hasn't had a storyline for a while .... By I never liked him, always found him a little too selfish. Thank god Charlie is gone! He was a bore and creep looking! Why does Emily look so much like Kelly?? Are they related in real life!?


geee no ivy! so bored! thanks to ade to add some spice on tonight show! and really silver and navid?! what an a** really hate them!


I agree with Nasne. The idea of this show pulling an 'identity' theft will go down hill. It's so dumb.
Also, Missy, two things:
1. The acting is ALWAYS horrific. You think that they'd eventually get better, but it turns out that it won't ever get better.
2. The reason it focuses on Annie so much is because she is MAIN female lead. I think it should be Naomi, but it's Annie. Which I don't understand. Even a light bulb has better reactions then her.
Too bad Annie cannot be switched on and off, then again, the idea of her crying and being upset really gives me the good ol' laugh that I need.
I also noticed that TV Fanatic didn't really bother with a big review like they normally do. But I understand why. The writers ARE NOT GIVING US ANYTHING TO WORK WITH. This show is starting to drive me nuts.

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