Blake Lively, Penn Badgley Party Away on New Year's

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Blake Lively and Penn Badgley both partied hard on New Year's Eve ... just not with each other. Both made E! Online's "Party Girl" report, however!

Penn was very hands-on with a girl who looks nothing like his ex, dancing (and making out) with an exotic-looking brunette at Liv nightclub in Miami.

Moreover, they were standing on the tabletops for all the see!

Blake, Penn, ETc

The newly single guy was living it up alongside co-star Chace Crawford, Matthew Morrison, JC Chasez, Lauren Conrad, Kyle Howard and others.

As for why Penn was hanging with that random crew (minus Chace), a source says they share the same manager, who flew them down to party.

Ah, that makes perfect sense. That's how we choose where and with whom to go clubbing, am I right guys? As for his former lady love Blake ...

The blonde beauty was hanging tight with Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine (above), who performed at Marquee nightclub in Vegas.

They were there for the Cosmopolitan Hotel's star-studded opening.

The girls were spotted arm-in-arm post-performance. Unlike Penn, Blake wasn't interested in anyone from the opposite sex during her NYE revelry.

It's okay. She's got Ryan Gosling waiting in the wings when and if she's ready to move on. And our own Gossip Guy. Call him Blake, he's waiting.

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Is Blake an Penn still together they are the couple ever love use xoxo


they look like sisters dont they ? they really look alike, but blake is blond and she's not

Pennys boat

celebrated separately but now time for filming pics!
miss them


Ahhh Florence she's bloody awesome! Blake looks absolutely STUNNING! :)


Omg i was in miami the same time that penn was!


damonsbabydoll not you are not!!!! I was thinking the same thing they do look alike in this pic..

Reese williams

blake lively and lauren conrad in the same article... day. made.


am i the only one that thinks they slightly look alike in this picture?


I love Blake! She is my role model..I totally support her being with Ryan..I was crying when I heard P&B split but they know what's the best for them..Mabye Penn was drunk..or he still loves B..and this is the first time in 3 years they're not celebrating it together..I wish they're still together..but I like Blake and Ryan as a couple..they'd look cutee..


Good they both moved on in a good positive way. I just guess Blake was having a lot more fun than Penn, my guess...


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