Blue Bloods Review: "Family Ties"

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There were some nice moments in the latest Blue Bloods episode, along with some surprising ones. Overall, “Family Ties” gave us a look inside multiple families, focusing on the the secrets they keep - and those they don’t.

I was startled by Henry’s outburst over Erin’s case. Does he really think she can turn down this high profile case and not have it hurt her career?  I can understand him being protective about his son, but was a taken aback that he’d go after Erin so vehemently and then storm out of their family dinner.

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As usual, Frank took it all in stride.  He understood his father’s concern, but was still proud of his daughter for not backing down. Political fallout is part of the job and the Reagans will deal with it as it comes.  I don’t know what this family would do without Frank’s steadiness and council.

Which brings me to my utter bafflement that Jamie never brings this Blue Templar nonsense to his father.  I suppose he’s trying to protect him in some way.  I’d hope Lydia’s questionable suicide makes him more wary of investigating his brother’s death alone.  He needs to share what he suspects with someone he trusts.

The case of the dead mobster’s son was intriguing in the way it was the first domino that then produced so much pain. That one death caused Grishenko to torture and kill the club owner and then blow up Sergei in the hopes of finding the killer. 

In the end, all of that carnage was the downfall of Grishenko, as Danny was able to arrest him for these subsequent murders.  The irony is that Grishenko’s son was murdered by someone he probably never suspected.  How sad that Anna’s desperation to protect her daughter caused so much bloodshed, leaving her daughter with no family at all.

My favorite moment was the kiss between Erin and Rossellini.  I certainly saw it coming.  Although Erin seemed surprised, she didn’t back away.  If this relationship goes forward, it will definitely make her life more complicated and I can’t wait to see it.

So... were you surprised by Henry’s outburst or is that just the Reagan way?  And what did you think of the make out session?


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I LOVED the make-out session between Erin & Charlie. I hope Bobby returns to BB.


I like the show very much. i enjoy that tha family get
together at home for the supper so all the family can talk over
their day. great actors and stories. lets keep this show going.


It was an OKAY episode....But I find that I am not completely sold on the premise of the entire show. Things tend to happen too fast at the end. The show's mandate seems to be a cross between a procedural and a serialized drama. I am not completely sure the hybrid is working. An intricate case with an old opponent of Magnum's is solved by breaking a soldier who has already shown he's a tough nut to crack. And the reason for this seems to be because we only have four minutes left. On the other side is a tough no nonsense prosecutor, who can tell she is being manipulated for political gain, falls into the rack with the guy she knows is manipulating her? The story line seems to be there only to spice up the serialized part of things.
I like all the characters. I like the family moments (though I can't fathom why "Only there at dinner Wife" wants to be on the show)I like the two detectives, I like the seasoned Dad from another era, I like stoic, non-camera-winking Magnum doing his thing. I like seasoned buffoonish-but-secretly-knowledgeable Beat Cop with Young-naive-moral-yet-wise-beyond-his-years Young COp..But I don't know that the stories are currently serving the characters.
I think the show would be better served with a week to week procedural A story, but an over arcing season long B story. The "his brother was a mole" story is really not doing anything as the B story.


I was not surprised at Henry's outburst. He appears to be a man that has a lot of secrets. His past has to conflict with some of what his family is involved in each week. I suppose I was just waiting for it. As an aging retired policeman, I think sometimes he feels that he has lost a lot of his control in life. Control was a big part of his everyday life for a very long time. Although he is kind and wise, he appears frustrated. I think that Jamie is afraid to talk to Frank about the Blue Templar. In the back of his mind he does not want to face the fact that his father might already be well aware of the Blue Templar. If true, that would just add to the questions and doubt that Jamie has to face about his dead brother and destroy his feelings and belief in his father. The kiss and "kiss you right back" was just OK for me. Erin was a lot more alive this episode all through her scenes and that let me expect something with her boss was afoot. Maybe she picked the wrong guy to get all toasty with, he could cause problems for her in many way. A little cuddle with the characters is nice to see every now and then and it was her turn I suppose.

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