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So the one who seems obvious is Booth proposes to Hannah she says no. He turns to Brennan his consolation price who is going to comfort him as he has been such a "great friend" to her this season.
I´d rather H says yes and they move back to Afghanistan.
Proposal 2 maybe Daisy or Sweets get shot, not killed and out of fear (again) wants to settle their relationship again.
Or Cam and Paul whatever.


Please, not Booth proposing Hannah!! Especially not after Brennan opened up to Booth!!


I think hannah should be the shotter and try to kill both.And then bones woul come to save booth and the two would get married and brennan would find her reason for marriage (remember season 5 episode 10?)

Ps: If i wrote anything wrong i am sorry.I'm a twelve year old portuguese girl and my english teatcher, instead off teatch us new things is making us learn the verb to be in the present for the 3ª time.

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