Bones Brain Trust Split on Booth-Brennan Romance

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Is this the season Bones finally goes there?

Right now, it appears even the writers don't know.

Series creator Hart Hanson tells TV Line that the first and foremost topic of conversation in the show’s writers’ room these days is, obviously, whether or not the star-crossed Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth should end the current sixth season as a full-fledged couple.

Season Finale Pairing

"What happens [as we wrap] between Booth and Brennan is a topic of a spirited, wide-ranging debate. That’s the honest-to-God truth,” he says. “Some people think we should go for it, others are wildly against it. It’s a really interesting debate.”

Hanson and fellow executive producer Stephen Nathan will have to decide soon. One potentially pivotal moment? Groundwork for a possible B-squared hookup will be laid in the 19th episode, which, as we learned this week, finds them trapped in an elevator.

“They’ll be forced together,” teases Hanson, “and they have to figure some things out.”

So ... we're back at square one. What do you think they'll decide - and is it what you'd like to see? Sound off on what you'd like to see transpire on Bones below.

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I began watching Bones about a month ago,and I've only just caught up. I just want to say one thing: it is about freakin' time that they get together.
I am completely stressed out by their sexual tension and I'm just one month into the show. I can only imagine the agony of those who have been following the show since the very start. I am completely supportive of bringing a serious relationship into Booth's life in order to wake Brennan up but enough is enough. We're past the half season and she's still here.
Hannah is lovely as a person but I still find it in myself to wish her a painful death.
I am aware that Brennan somehow deserves this violent wake up but she has suffered enpugh. I mean, sure, she was the one who said no but might I remind everyone (including writers) that he brough up the subject ONCE, after five long, excruciating years, and he dropped the ball immediately after she said no. He didn't even make an attempt to fight for her.
I think they're both to blame for not being together, but the one who gets all the heat is Brennan and Booth is the one who gets to be happy.
Objectively speaking, the show will lose (has lost, actually) quite a number of viewers if the writers keep this up. They've made their point, Barbie has served her purpose, now it's time to get rid of her. HANNAH OUT.


FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE! Get Booth and Brennan back together the way they belong and get rid of Hannah. Booth and Hannah just don't have the same chemistry as Booth and Bones. It's as if they are just going through the motions, whereas Booth and Brennan sizzle. That sexual tension came through when they were working together and make every episode spicier and more fun to watch.


So...I just blew through all the seasons and episodes to date...over the course of a couple weeks. This show had been recommended to me over and over, so I finally checked it out and in book terms..."I couldn't put it down". Even at its weakest points, this show is engaging. I haven't agreed with everything in this show--story arcs, directing choices, etc—I still don’t. BUT, I'm still watching it and I don't have to find reasons to enjoy it. I do enjoy it. I'm not going to pretend I understand what it would have been like to watch all 5.5 seasons in real time, because I know that would have altered my experience significantly. And for those who have watched it with that pacing and have still hung on, you’re amazing. Honestly, I have had my fair share of "What in the world are the production team thinking" moments (Um…think Jersey Shore…“Eureka! A gathering of guidos!�). A whole gamut of aspects have bothered me--from dialogue to body language to whole relationships. However, I don't hate what has happened. I don't hate Hannah, though I don't like that she's there. She's a likeable character and while I would have preferred she never wrinkled the Booth-Brennan dynamic, I think having her around has brought out new dimensions in Brennan’s character. I’ve noticed Brennan comparing her relationship to Booth with that of his to Hannah, in front of Booth, ever since season 6 began. It is sad to see her do that, BUT she is doing it and it is interesting—even endearing. She’s extending herself beyond objectivity, seeking approval from the man she now admits she loves. Without Hannah, we would not have seen that. And yes, in the most recent episode the case “turned her world upside down�, leading her to open herself up to Booth. SO, that was a major catalyst. Hannah’s influence still lingers, though. I mean in “anthropological terms�, the two are trying to attract the same mate. Brennan just didn’t have the social understanding to really see that an overture to Booth while he’s in another relationship is “wrong�. Furthermore, I don’t see this season as devoid of chemistry as many have said it is. The chemistry has changed and yes, it is not as strong as in the past. But, I remember the way he looked at her as she danced around in a bone bodysuit and tu-tu for kids she was afraid she’d frighten. I know there have been other such moments too. And really, I don’t see his scaling back as inconsistent with his character. I miss it—hence me wishing Hannah had never been introduced. At the same time though, the writers did follow through with a storyline that fits Booth’s character, so for that I applaud them. I want it to change…but I’m not going to stop watching Bones because of it. I wish I could say that I trust the writers to bring Booth and Brennan together and to do the show and them justice once that happens…but I don’t have that confidence in them. Still, if they choose to go that route and commit to it, I know that they’ll make it happen and make it great. I want the writers and execs to have that confidence in themselves and this show. I know that they’ve kept me engaged and I don’t hate what they’re doing. This isn’t as bad as a car wreck on the freeway, though I do feel compelled to watch and see how everything plays out. And though I don’t know how season 6 will play out, I want a season 7. I’m not going to abandon the show. I mean…I have my other qualms too…I don’t like that Angela and Hodgins are so unbelievable as a married couple. I do find them cute…at times. But you’d think after a year, and with her being pregnant, there’d be more affection. I get that Angela is independent. But there’s no freshness, nothing endearing. Physically, they are the same with each other as they were before they dated. It’s stale, and I’m not sure if it ever was as strong as it could be. There’s a way of introducing affection into the work environment without making it sex in the Egypt exhibit. I want to see that and I haven’t seen that yet. At the same time, though, I watch, taking what I can get and enjoying it as much as I can. Somehow, though this show is not all that it could be, I don’t feel like I’m settling. I do want Bones to impress me, and in some ways it’s sad that my expectations aren’t higher. However, they are set at a place where I enjoy Bones and they have fallen there naturally. AND, I like that I am enjoying Bones. I don’t want it to go anywhere.


Jus get them together ASAP! The teasing has gone on long enough! If it don't happen soon, the show will lose ALOT of viewers thanks to the OVER AND OVER amounts of Teasing!!!


The way I see it, the argument between the two sides go like this: For B&B hook-up: We're tired of writing crappy storylines trying to keep them apart. There is a story to tell after they hook up. Against B&B hook-up: But getting them together will end the series. We can keep making B.S. up to keep them apart longer.


I think it is well past the time for B&B to get together.They totally love each other and I don't think it would hurt the ratings cause how much longer can the show go on like this??I wish they would finally get together and then Brennan would have to learn to deal w/feelings,relationships,parenting,religion etc.Up until now, all she has dealt with is Science--The show (if the writers r good enough) can handle it as she learns how to deal w/her issues.Get them together or the show is not going to last much longer and it was always one of my favs.


What the heck!!! I freaking hate chick flicks; but, Bones was not a chick flick! It dealt with real relationships, that real people could relate to. I have been over seas for a year; I come back, and who is this inflatable, homewrecking Barbie that they brought into the picture? I come back only to find that my favorite show has been turned into a bad soap opera; and the only reason to even watch it each week is just to see who is on top of who!! Since they brought the homewrecker into the picture, they are more focused on making Brennan feel bad and making Booth look like a royal dumb-ass; and Booth is supposed to be the moral knight in shining armor. The heart and soul of the series is Booth and Brennan, and their evolving relationship as they work together to bring justice. I read at the beginning of this crappy season that the writers wanted to shake things up a bit. The direction that they have taken this season has actually dropped the ratings according to FOX, and in my opinion ruined the season so far. If they leave the bimbo in the picture, they have no where to go with it. Booth does not relate to the bimbo like he does Brennan. Therefore; it cuts off the possibilities of the directions in which they can take the show. Why not put Booth and Brennan together and open up a whole new avenue of possibilities? Booth and Brennan both have shared intimate details of their pasts with each other that they could not share with others. This alone could make next season interesting, also the writers could have them keep this new development a secret from everyone but their "family". Simple fact - the writers can get off their pens and open their eyes; what draws the audience is the rare chemistry that Booth and Brennan share!! This is what has made the show a success. GET RID OF HANNAH!!!!!


I honestly think that it's time booth and brennan sorted out their problems, they've both admitted it, how much longer can they ignore the situation before it becomes completely unrealistic? i love the show and i trust the writers, they're extremely great at what they do. but i think it's time for the new stage in booth and brennans relationship


I agree with Lady J, Nick and Nora were a great married and funny crime fighting couple. As were Hart to Hart and McMillan and wife. Remington Steele eventually got married at the end and who can forget Scarecrow and Mrs. King and they too ended secretly married and still working together. All of these were great shows and had fantastic chemistry among the costars! I too, would like to see Brennan and Booth get together as they have both undergone so much together good and bad.


The show is floundering. Booth appears to just be showing up, no investment in either his job or relationship with Bones. We get that his involvement with Hannah is based on weak (if understandable on some level) factors, but how to gracefully end it? Or do we even care? Perhaps it is time for Brennan to meet a new "soul mate". And what is happening with the other characters?! Is Angela's pregnancy the longest on record? Come on, she doesn't even show a "bump".

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