Bones Brain Trust Split on Booth-Brennan Romance

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Is this the season Bones finally goes there?

Right now, it appears even the writers don't know.

Series creator Hart Hanson tells TV Line that the first and foremost topic of conversation in the show’s writers’ room these days is, obviously, whether or not the star-crossed Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth should end the current sixth season as a full-fledged couple.

Season Finale Pairing

"What happens [as we wrap] between Booth and Brennan is a topic of a spirited, wide-ranging debate. That’s the honest-to-God truth,” he says. “Some people think we should go for it, others are wildly against it. It’s a really interesting debate.”

Hanson and fellow executive producer Stephen Nathan will have to decide soon. One potentially pivotal moment? Groundwork for a possible B-squared hookup will be laid in the 19th episode, which, as we learned this week, finds them trapped in an elevator.

“They’ll be forced together,” teases Hanson, “and they have to figure some things out.”

So ... we're back at square one. What do you think they'll decide - and is it what you'd like to see? Sound off on what you'd like to see transpire on Bones below.

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Lady J said it perfectly: Bones & Booth have the potential to bring to our hoe screens the elegance of Nick & Nora Chrales. In my opinion, these actors have the chemistry of Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy as well as the comedic flare that Kate shared with Cary Grant in the Philadelphia Story. I believe that people would absoluetly love the Bones & Booth couple storyline.


I agree with all of the preceding comments. This show has been one of best written, well cast commercial channel offerings. I understand to shake up the status B&B relationship before it can be moved to another level but -- right now the show is being destroyed; is lacking all of the elements that made it so much fun to watch. We've little or nothing of the very interesting supporting cast; Booth has developed into a real jerk -- in a word the story line is floundering. If the B&B relationship isn't fixed I doubt "Bones" will be around much longer!


I loved this show but got so mad when the girlfriend was brought in that I stopped watching. We know they love each other, they admitted it to themselves and to each other for the most part. I think the hook-up of the two will rejuvenate the show and make for more energetic adventures in crime solving! It doesn't have to mean the end of the show if it's handled well by the writers - it could give it new possibilities. Get these two lovebirds together for Pete's sake - we've been waiting for too many years.


I´ve already stopped watching too, after this crappy sl with Hannah. Then with Booth bad behaviour toward Brennan i had enough. It killed all the chemistry that were the core of the show.
If they manage to solve that, get them together, get the chemistry back in the show i will get back asap to watch again. Otherwise theres no point forcing myself to watch something i cringe at.


Honestly, LET THEM GET TOGETHER ALREADY! It's time. They need to have ONE MORE "moment".. and TAKE ADVANTAGE of it.


I think they need to put them together. THEY BELONG WITH EACH OTHER


LET THEM BE TOGETHER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...! And I say that for Booth! Because he believes in God! LOL Stop breaking one or the other's heart! Give us what we all want including the supporting cast!


They should be together! Brennan has grown a lot since the beginning - she's more in touch with her feelings. She even reached out to Booth earlier this season, but he cut her down because of the girlfriend - who by the way needs to go away! There are enough differences between them that is will still be easy for the writers to include conflict between them. We don't need another JAG where Harm & Mac finally got together at the very end of the series, but there were to many unanswered questions, even then. Please make Brennan & Booth a couple this year. Or at least give us a real hook-up instead of a fantasy.

Amy jackey

i think so should get together


i want to see them together. i hate that bones is finally ready to open up her life and let someone in like that but that booth has moved on so easily. however, relationships between the two main characters always leads to the death of a series, and i'm not ready for this show to end lol

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