Bradley Whitford to Guest Star on In Plain Sight

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A brief West Wing reunion is coming to USA.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Bradley Whitford - an all-time TV Fanatic favorite as Josh Lyman on the aforementioned Aaron Sorkin-penned drama - will guest star this spring on an episode of In Plain Sight.

Bradley Whitford on West Wing

The appearance will unite Whitford with Mary McCormack, who played a White House advisor on the final couple seasons of The West Wing.

Look for the actor to portray a career military man who serves as a witness for a Blackwater-style military contract company. USA is yet to announce a fourth season premiere date for In Plain Sight.


Hello. I am writing to let you know about how disappointed we are in last night's episode of In Plain Sight. As I write this, I am saddened that with all of the knowledge and literature that is exists about the awareness of people with disabilities that the use of the word retarded was used at all and especially used in such an offensive way in the airing of the first show of the season of In Plain Sight. We sat down to watch one of our favorite shows from last season and were so excited about its return but then we were quickly disappointed in the use of such an offensive word by the main character of the show. We were wanting to be entertained, not hurt. We have a beautiful nine year old with Down Syndrome that has achieved so much and is capable of so many wonderful things. That is why it is so amazing to me that the entertainment industry does not realize how hurtful the use of the word retarded is to families that have a loved one with a disability . We work so hard to make society realize just how wonderful our children are and then we have shows that use language like this to put such a negative connotation to people with disabilities.


oops missed an n (Mann)


Thanks for the In Plain Sight news I have really missed my Marshall Marshall Man.

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