Brothers & Sisters Review: "Thanks For the Memories"

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Kevin and Scotty's adoption quest was taken to a new level this week on Brothers & Sisters. But this being Brothers & Sisters, you knew it wouldn't be smooth sailing with Olivia.

Treating their first weekend together as if it were the rest of their lives, while also babysitting Paige, the guys bust her with a boy in her room. Uh-oh. Sarah will not be pleased.

After Scotty mentions donating to the Gay & Lesbian Center, Saul says he doesn't volunteer there since he learned that Jonathan was a part of it. They're very much in a fight.

Hol and Saul

Meanwhile, Nora helps Holly pack but she calls off the flight at the last minute when a bunch of memories keep flooding back. She tells David to go and that she'll watch Holly.

Holly accuses Nora of trying to "Nora Walker" her into staying. Pretty much.  Nora suggests that Holly move in for a while, which seems forced, but ... she's just Nora Walkering.

Justin was basking in the glow of his heroics last week (and the glow of a romantic candle) but his supervisor informs him he may be suspended for them (and to blow it out).

Making things harder on Justin? Annie's old flame Rick passes through, and Justin gets jealous in about three nanoseconds. It's the fact that he's British, isn't it J? We get it.

Afraid of what happened after her brother's distress call, Sarah returns home to scoff at the idea that Paige had a boy in her room, as she and Philip have been friends for life.

Except Shawn is the boy's name.

Things get even more complicated when Kevin and Scotty are trying to put Olivia's desk together (Kevin? A control freak? No way ...) when Scotty's missing wallet turns up.

Olivia had ganked it. Cold move.

At the adoption office, Scotty and Kevin second guess themselves even more when Olivia comes in and says that she doesn't want them to adopt her or see her anymore.

Sarah says they need to fight for her if it's what they want. Paige reveals the true reason she was hiding Shawn. He wanted to talk to Kevin and Scotty ... about being gay.

Didn't see that coming. Oh, and Philip has a girlfriend now. It's great to see World's Greatest Mom Sarah humbled by her own cluelessness sometimes. We've been there.

Jonathan asks forgiveness from Saul, doesn't get it, then leaves for good. But before he can, Saul tracks him down and forgives him. Ron Rifkin is so underappreciated.

It looks like Holly really is leaving this time, as is Kitty, although the latter will be back. She's probably just off to spend more time with boy toy Seth. Can you blame her?

Of course, this absence is bound to trigger speculation about Kitty's cancer. Calista Flockhart is only taking a few episodes off, however, so your guess is as good as ours.

Nora and Saul find old home movies in some of Holly's boxes. Only they're not the home movies like you're thinking of, but surveillance films of Nora that William filmed.


Kevin and Scotty have a final sit down with Olivia, telling her they're moving forward with the adoption no matter what she thinks. Wouldn't you know it, it was all a test.

One that they passed. But don't expect it will be the last, she says. For adoptive parents to be, that's probably what they needed to hear. Brace yourselves, you guys.

What did you think of last night's Brothers & Sisters?


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I could care less about Kitty, but umph, this show is tanking for me. Everyone just overacts like clowns (case in point: I'm looking at 6 of them in emphatically happy grins in an ad banner on the right side of this website) and the story lines have been dreadful. For me, that is. I'm tired of big family dinner fights and the constant screaming over each other that counts as well-written witty banter. I used to really like this show.


An excellent episode, one of the best in the season so far. A great combination of comedy, drama & emotion. Despite the departure of one of the shows best characters, I feel Holly was given a neccasary & quiet finish, given everything she has experienced in the past year or so- it was time for her to move on and re-connect with Rebecca in NY. A poignant moment for the viewers, even more so by having Nora by her side in the end :)


the show is starting to feel like a new show to many changes in a short time,loved holly on the show wont be the same without her who will Nora bitch fight with.starting to feel like no member off the cast is safe anyone could be written out at any time. i realy think this could be the last season just hope i am wrong.


Kitty is surely sick again. The fact that she left Evan and told everyone she is going to Washington with the baby and not Seth. Getting rid of Holly was a stupid idea, she added a great character. I heard the show has not officially been picked up again yet for another season., same with Desperate Housewives.


I definitely think something is going on with Kitty. I can't see her lying to her family about why she went to Washington, alienating the only man she has had any happiness with since she lost Robert, or leaving her son with Robert's first wife for an indeterminate amount of time just to go to a few meetings. I hope she isn't sick again. Even more so, I hope the writers aren't laying the groundwork for her to leave the show, or make even more cuts to her ever-shrinking screen time. Although, in all honesty, I would take minimal screen time over none. How sad is that!


Are Kevin and Scotty ever going to kiss on the mouth again or is that suddenly just too much for America even though they did it the first three or four seasons. I would attribute their asexuality to their difficulties over the cheating but the fall out for that lasted 5 minutes.


Does anyone know the name of the actress that was on the show during the last scene... the women who Kitty was talking to...


I am so mad that you got rid of Holly she was my favorite actress and an outstanding one,,, tell me why would you do that and get everyone who loved her upset there was no need for her departure can you tell me why you got rid of her my heart is broken I loved her she was the best actress on the show beside Sally Field I would like an answer although I know I will not get one you big bossess do what you like regardless of how people feel bring her back please


Is Kitty sick? Where is she going, she cant just disappear was dissapointed that they didnt give us more on that.


pretty sure kitty's sick again...and are there any grey's fans here that noticed the title of this episode was the title of the grey's anatomy thanksgiving episode in season 2. lol

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